Monday, January 25, 2010

Today In History, Anne Boleyn Marries Henry VIII

477 years ago today Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn. The marriage that rocked the world and changed the fate of England. England would never be the same after the pair married. Henry moved mountains to be with Anne including separating from Rome and the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

There is not much out there on Anne as far as art work goes since Henry had everything of her destroyed after her execution but I did happen to find a letter from Henry to Anne. Can you make out any of it? The only part I could make out is towards the bottom right "gentyile home", scary right, him offering a gentle home?

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3:00 PM Update: Rosemary from Booking it Bus Style sent me this really cool article link about Alison Weir and her new Anne Boleyn book. Check out her cool Link!


  1. Love the post of course! Can you imagine how different England (and the rest of Christianity for that matter) would be today if these two would have never joined on this day centuries ago?

  2. So true Ms. Lucy, so true! Had these 2 never hooked up, my favorite Queen would never have been born.

    Happy Anniversary Henry and Anne!

  3. No kidding I could only imagine what the world today would have been like with out them.

    I too have Elizabeth on the brain very much lately. I made the graphic with her quote last night because I was thinking about her.

  4. Happy 477th Anniversary to this unlucky pair! Henry was such a sneak. He lied to Rowland Lee, the clergyman who officiated at their wedding, claiming that he had the written papal dispensation, but refused to fetch it because being seen abroad (in other words, striding through the palace unattended) at such an early hour would cause undue comment.

    As we all know, there was no dispensation!

    Lucy ... Henry was already Supreme Head of the Church of England at the time he and Anne wed. I don't think there was ever a question of a wedding not taking place, since he'd already broken with the Church of Rome and was making up his own religious rules by that point.

    I'd imagine what might have happened had Anne been like her older sister Mary and opened her legs before marriage, and Henry had dumped her instead of wed her.

  5. Leslie was that point not brought up in Notorious Royal Marriages, I remember reading about him lying about the dispensation. He was such a dog more like what we call here a puss hound.

    I bet everything that if Anne had been like Mary they never would have gotten married.

  6. It is an auspicious date in history!

    Wanted to let you know that today I started my weekly event, "Addicted to the Past" featuring this very historical event. Here's the link if you would like to stop by:

  7. Michelle, I just went and checked it out it was very funny. I had no idea you liked Anne Rice. I hope to see you on Goodreads.

  8. Lovely handwriting but difficult to read...
    Looks like: "Darlyng thought I have fount ... yet ... my arms...I thought"
    I think I'll give it a try later ;)

  9. Lizzy, I did bring up the point about Henry's lying about having a dispensation in NRM.

    On p. 118: In Whitehall Palace on St. Paul's Day, January 25, 1533, Anne and Henry were secretly wed at dawn in the upper chamber over the Holbein Gate. The king lied outright to Dr. Rowland Lee, the cleric traditionally believed to have been their officiant, claiming that he had a document from the Pope giving him permission to marry again. But Henry refused to produce the paper, testily insisting, "If I should not that it waxeth towards day, fetch it, and be seen so early abroadd, there would rise a rumor and talk thereof other than were convenient." He commanded the celebrant to "Go forth in God's name and do that which appertaineth to you."

    In other words, he told Dr. Lee, "shut up and do what you came here to do; just perform the ceremony."

  10. Go go Ashmodai, it is a tricky lettering ti us it is miss leading to the eyes.

    Leslie, ah HA! I knew it was familiar. I remember it well becasue it was a fact I had not known before. I recall think Henry was a DOG, he is so bad. Liar too, but it does not surprise me.

    Thank you so much for posting the quote, it is a good one.


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