Sunday, January 31, 2010

Book Review: O' JULIET by Robin Maxwell

O' Juliet is due to hit bookstores on February 2nd 2010

O, Juliet, oh oh Juliet. The passionate lovers tale of the greatest love story ever told. Robin's tale of O, Juliet was woven in the stars of time leaving a lasting impression on the heart of every book lover in comes into contact with. The devourer of books that I have become I found that I had to hold back on this read because I did not want it to end. Robin has more than breathed new life into a classic love story she exceeded my highest expectations in tackling this tale of Juliet and her lover Romeo. Hopefully this book will be able to inspire a whole new generation of Romeo and Juliet lovers.
Almost every breathing human being has at one point or another in their life heard the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet's romantic love affair. Even though we all know the eventual demise of the love stuck couple is inevitable. It is not the ending that matters it is how they get to the end that makes all the difference. After finishing I awoke the next morning my mind was a blaze with thoughts of Romeo and Juliet. A creativity whirlwind kicked up making to where the only way I could calm my thirst for more was to listen to the 1996 Romeo and Juliet soundtrack . In my listening I was drawn to pen and paper, furiously, more like frantically putting my thoughts to paper. At one point my husband, sitting across from me was waving his arms to get my attention. Lets just say he was at it for about ten minutes before I even looked up.

Juliet Capelletti a 18 year old poetic, heartfelt dreamer, her inspiration came from the formidable Dante himself. Ah but you say women were not typically educated in this time period? Fate would have it that her best friend Lucrezia (Lorenzo's mother from signora da vinci) was to be married to Piero De Medici, son of Cosimo De Medici. It has been said that Cosimo was the sole person responsible for the Renaissance that had swept the known world at the time. Believing in education, the fine arts, and since Lucrezia was to become a De Medici she had to be an educated upstanding lady. Lucrezia beseeches Cosimo to allow Juliet the same education . After their many years of education Juliet had found her one true passion in life was poetry, specializing in Dante's works. Keeping her talent for verse hidden deep with in her soul, Lucrezia was the only one who knew of her secret love affair with poetry.

To announce the engagement of Lucrezia to Piero there was to be a masked ball held at the De Medici household. The two girls donned their feather masks and made a grand entrance to the party. Proving to be an interesting gathering with Juliet's mother keeping close tabs on her and her fathers angry glare always searching for her. Juliet was not at all pleased about her soon to be betrothal to her fathers new business partner Jacob Strozzi. A despicable human he was, a man ruled by his tyrant mother, lacking in the belief of a woman's capabilities. At one point he even went so far as to state that Juliet's education had ruined her and given her wild thoughts of fancy. The nerve!

Romeo oh Romeo, he had made an uninvited appearance at the ball that night to petition Cosimo for peace between the waring houses Capelletti, and Monticecco. His mission was brought to an abrupt halt when his eyes took in the feast that was Juliet. Dancing with her girlfriends to the "Virgins Dance", she was radiantly lovely. Love at first sight, he donned his mask and pushed into the dancers for a chance to be her partner. Once she laid her eyes on him it became a instant mutual love at first sight. His pearly white teeth flashing from behind his mask, oops then a stumble in the group and Viola they were outside in the garden alone. Jesting of Dante and love the pair had an instant electric connection. A passion that between them was equal. Twin mirror souls that when they were together they became one. After being abruptly interrupted by her fathers calls; she fled back to the ball only to see Romeo speaking with in seconds to Cosimo. That did not last long before the Capelletti entourage became out raged by his presence. Romeo narrowly escaped their clutches with a little help from sneaky Juliet. To see that he had made it she ran to the balcony just in time to see him bolt on his beautiful white horse nearly running down the angry mob that had gathered to put him in his place.

The masquerade ball was just the beginning of the extraordinary love affair of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo would move heaven and earth to be with her. Fighting against hundred of years of blood feud was like fighting the incoming tide of the ocean. He succeeded in partially making peace and gave the love a thread of hope to hold onto for their future together. The one obstacle left could prove to be their undoing. A vindictive soon to be betrothed Jacob Strozzi had made his own scheme and Juliet was a pawn in a deadly game of chess. Romeo and Juliet on the light side playing for the good in love, Jacob Strozzi with his mother who held all the power on the dark side. Can love conquer all or would the fates play one after another cruel joke on the lovers. Leaving their future in the hands of destiny would the god of love be on their side or would he not hear them calling?

5+/5 LOVED IT! It all made sense to me that my favorite author was going in a new direction with her time periods and locations. I like where she has led us to. First "Signora Da Vinci" and now tackling the tale of Romeo and Juliet like no one else has been able to do. I among many had noticed that there really is not a historical fiction novel about Romeo and Juliet, a completely lacking area of void is out there on the tale. Robin being the genius that she is made me live and breath every word of this novel. I have never said this but I WILL be rereading this book. I never do it, never ever but I feel the need read it again and again. Tragically this novel is kicking Robin's other novel "Tower Born" off its number one spot in my favorite HF novels. My most highly recommended novel to date. Thank you Robin for sending me this wonderful book.

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  1. Great review! I love it when you find a book that you can read over again. Can't wait to read this :)

  2. Muse you will love it! I loved it so much! I hope you entered the giveaway for it.

  3. Oh Lizzy- what a fabulous review! I too was so mesmerized by it - and like yo the very next morning woke up with the two lovers on my mind. This story stayed with me for weeks. You captured the essence of the book beautifully! Thanks:)

  4. A wonderful review Lizzy. It really did have an effect on you creatively - your artwork came out beautiful. This would be a book I might reread at some point - as I don't typically reread books either.

  5. Awh Lucy you are so sweet I tried I really did. I think it was a good idea that I wrote it right after I finished it so all the thoughts were still very vibrant in my mind. Hopefully I can eventually forget about it so I can read it again just like Heather I never reread books.

  6. I am sorry I was remiss in commenting on your fabulous review.. the pitfalls of the Google Reader!
    But I am glad I remembered to come by and tell you that I enjoyed your review, you put alot into words that I was also trying to express.
    Great job!

  7. Marie, I am glad you commented today it reminded me to go to you and enter your cool giveaway!

    I know what you mean it is hard sometimes to convey the wealth of emotions you feel after you read a book. Especially one that you absolutely loved.

    I never go on google reader I just can not get a feel for it, I always go to blogger dashboard. I actually went there by mistake recently and was like what the heck is this page? I know right get it together.

  8. Fabulicious review Lizzy! I too was surprised that no one had ever written an HF novel about them...good thing that Robin got to it first ;-)

    I haven't read her To The Tower Born, but I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Signora da Vinci and that is one I will definitely re-read!

  9. You would like it, it was wild a I really enjoyed it out of her books it is in the 2nd place spot O, Juliet took first.

    It is about the lost princes and I know you lovvvvve that.


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