Monday, January 18, 2010

Today In History, Henry VI marries Elizabeth of York

524 years ago today King Henry VII finally married Elizabeth of York. Daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. Henry was the son of Edumund Tudor and Lady Margaret Beaufort. The marriage united the houses of York and Lancaster thus ending the War of the Roses. She was one of the few women to be daughter, sister, niece, grandmother and wife to the kings of England.

This was the only picture I could find of them together and it was made in the 18th century which means it more than likely is not very accurate.
For more on Elizabeth:

The Tower Born by Robin Maxwell
New Release: The Tudor Rose by Margaret Campbell Barnes


  1. Lizzy - I think you mean Henry VII (rather than VI) and Edward IV (and not William).

  2. Yes absolutely Henry VII married the daughter of Edward IV, Elizabeth of York.

  3. OMG you are so right. Since I was sick I had scheduled this post to go up way before today and I guess since I was not on my computer the past few days I forgot to proof read it again.

    So so my bad.

    I actually read a book called "1000 things you need to know about England and in the section on Henry VII it stated that his sister Margaret went on to Scotland to marry king James. I could not believe it, they had named her as his sister rather than his daughter. Lets just say I put the book down immediatly and took it back to he library.

    I am going to fix it now. Thank you Ladies, my bad big time.

  4. LOL about your last comment Lizzy!! So silly to have a book published with such an outright mistake!

    I also wanted to mention THE WHITE QUEEN by Philippa Gregory as another read regarding Elizabeth of York. Yes it was focused on her mother Elizabeth Woodville but there was enough of Elizabeth of York to also put it on your list.

    The photo looks alright as well as far as a fair depiction. Not that I am an expert.

  5. You poor sick thing!

    I totally recommend The Tudor Rose by Barnes - it was sooo good! I also enjoyed The King's Daughter by Sandra Worth.

  6. I know it was funny because it was 1000 things you needed to know.

    I liked the White Queen but I loved The Tower Born by Robin Maxwell. I can not wait to read the books that follow The White Queen especially the one that is to be about Elizabeth.

    I do agree it does look close to her account.

    I have yet to read a Barnes. My first will be Within The Hollow Crown. I do however own a copy of The Kings Daughter by Sandra Worth and get this I have actually read it! I did love it but I read it so long ago I can barely remember the details of it. I just remember it was GOOD.


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