Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Jean Plaidy Collection

The ever growing Jean Plaidy collection is nearing a completion and I just had to share all of it because I am so proud of it. Thank you Arleigh for the last one I needed to complete the Tudor series, "Murder Most Royal" is not an easy book to find.

List courtesy of Arleigh and Lucy at for the full and complete list check out here. Here are my completed Plaidy sets:

Tudor Series
To Hold the Crown
Katherine of Aragon
Murder Most Royal
The King's Confidant
The Sixth Wife
The Thistle and the Rose
Mary, Queen of France
For a Queen's Love
A Favorite of the Queen
    Mary Stuart Series
    The Royal Road to Fotheringhay
    The Captive Queen of Scots
      James I
      The Murder in the Tower
        Charles II Trilogy
        The Loves of Charles II
          Queens of England Series
          Loyal in Love
          Queen of this Realm
          Victoria Victorious
          The Lady in the Tower
          The Courts of Love
          In the Shadow of the Crown
          The Queen's Secret
          The Reluctant Queen
          The Merry Monarch's Wife
          The Queen's Devotion
          The Rose Without a Thorn
            Ferdinand and Isabella Series
            Castile for Isabella
            Spain for the Sovereigns
            Daughters of Spain
              Lucrezia Borgia Series
              Madonna of the Seven Hills
              Light on Lucrezia
                I will forever be on the look out for this one and since I read it and got it from the library I made sure I photocopied each and every page just so I know it is there.
                Rochester: The Mad Earl by Kathleen Kellow pen name of Jean Plaidy. Rochester: The mad Earl on Amazon listed for 3,000 dollars

                My Next Plaidy Goals,

                Queen Victoria Series
                The Captive of Kensington Palace
                The Queen and Lord M
                The Queen's Husband
                The Widow of Windsor
                The Stuart Saga
                The Three Crowns: The Story of William and Mary (own)
                The Haunted Sisters
                The Queen's Favorites or Last of the Stuarts Vol. 1,2,3 above works combined
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                  1. Wow that is an absolutely impressive collection!

                  2. That is awesome! Starting in the 90's I started trying to find all of the Victoria Holt novels. I have them all now except for two. I only have a couple of Jean Plaidy, but I love historical fiction and love the look of the new reprints. At some point I need to start collecting and reading these books!

                  3. Fantastic collection! I just recently completed my collection of the Norman Trilogy (really hard to find) from ebay and I still need a few to complete my Plantagenet series. Good luck finding those elusive Plaidy novels!

                  4. Wow. That's a collection. Go, go, go!

                  5. Awesome collection! I have most of the Plantagenet series, the Victoria series, Marie Antoinette Series, the Catherine de Medici series and a few randoms. I am working on finishing up the Plantagenet's.

                  6. Wow! That's impressive! I have just read a few of Jean Plaidy's books. Now I am motivated to read more of her books.

                  7. Gorgeous collection. I like her books so much so I appreciate the links as well.

                  8. Lizzy... it is IMPRESSIVE! Your collection is so beautiful that I want to cry of happiness ;D

                    I personally owe my passion for Historical Fiction to Ms. Jean Plaidy. She's dear close to my heart!


                  9. I have read many of her Plaidy's novels (everything I have been able to find). Read all her Victoria Holt Novels, and everything I was able to find under the Carr series. She's fantastic!

                  10. Almybnenr, thank you the obsessive part of me comes out the most when it comes to Plaidy.

                    Bonnie, thank you it is a labor of love. Plaidy has such a gift for psychology. She just gets human dynamics and it makes her the best.

                    Laura, hehe I guess we both are obsessed. I have some holt's, my favorite was "My Enemy the Queen". That was such a good read. I hold back on reading them because I am pacing myself for the rest of my life because once I read them all there are no more left.

                    Joanne, Wow that is awesome. I know some of them are so so hard to find "Murder Most Royal" was my hardest one so far besides Rochester. I think I am going to do the Plantagenet Series in the UK Arrow pints, I love the covers on those ones. Good luck with your collecting.

                    Pricilla, hehe go go go yes yes yes!

                    Dolleygurl, Oohhh you got some really good ones. You should so post them. I would love to see them. Good luck collecting.

                    Misha, that is how I started and it was a domino effect from there. Once you go Plaidy you can not go back to HF with out her.

                    Mystica, thank you and glad you enjoyed the links.

                    4everqueen, awh you are so funny Arleigh's collection on Royal Intrigue makes me want to cry too. I know how that feels. She is very near and dear to my heart too, she inspires so HF lovers. You have a leg up on me I have not read any of her Carr novels. I have to pace myself or I will inhale them all.

                  11. Beautiful collection!!

                  12. Erika, it is so nice to have you swing by for a visit. I was just thinking about you the other day and your lovely novel "Receive Me Falling". I was reliving how much I enjoyed your novel because really it is about as close to a mystery as I can get with out being scared to death. Thank you for the kudos, I bet you love Plaidy too.

                  13. Impressive accomplishment. Congrats. I have my own obsession that started over 15 years ago when I was in my teens...acquiring all the Jayne Ann Krentz novels...I'm not sure I have the same love for her writing that I used to but I own 139 of her novels and am only missing a I know the dedication and obsession it takes to collect. What are you going to do when you have them all?? :)

                  14. Don't you just love the look of the books on your shelves? Each spine a different color with a different picture and title? Hope you enjoy reading them!

                  15. Cute Blog! I’m a new follower Happy Friday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

                  16. Nicchic, you crack me up you so get the obsessive part of collecting. I plan on spending my life reading them and when I am done I will keep them for when my daughter grows up. She is only 6 but she wants them all.

                    Susied, YES that is a big part of why I started on them. I saw Arleigh who runs a Plaidy blog had a graphic with all the books lined up and they were to die for with all of the queens. That was enough to kick of the obsession.

                    Heavenly Savings, Thank you, I just went and checked yours out too. It is very cute and I love the style thank you for sharing it with me.

                  17. You are doing so well!!! The collection is exquisite and you're almost all done! You're lucky your library had this rare jewel and you got to read it:) I'm on the lookout too..but don't think I'll ever be able to afford it. xoxo

                  18. Ms. Lucy, thank you and so so nice to hear from you!!! I feel so good about the collection it is by far my pride and joy. I am hoping one day that I will find Rochester at some like yard sale for like .25 cents because I will never be able to afford it otherwise either. I can dream and I love doing it because my dreams are filled with books. The other new re-print came out today too I am going to have to get that one too.

                  19. Thank you so much, Lizzy!

                    I have to confess something. I've NEVER read a Plaidy. I don't know how that's possible. I suppose it's because I was obsessed with Gregory's version of events, but I never tire of the Tudors so I have to check it out. My aunt is a Plaidy nut and keeps telling me I have to read her.

                  20. Oh Erika you would become obsessed with her after one read. My favorite one of hers I have read so far is "The Queen's Secret" about Catherine Valois "grandmother of the Tudors". It was such a good read and she has so many different pen names and titles. A person could spend a lifetime reading her novels. If you though PG was good you will die for Plaidy. I hope you someday get the chance to read one of her novels she is by far the best that HF has ever offered. Her thing is she just gets people and events she makes sense of messy situations.

                  21. Hi !Your collection is beyond fantastic,congratulation for finding so many of them.I,myself try to find some of these books in the Three Rivers Press edition but I always find them in reprint with other covers.
                    Can you please tell me from were did you bought : "Mary Queen of France ","Murder Most Royal","The Thistle and The Rose","Royal Road To Fotheringhay" and "The Captive Queen of Scots" ?
                    Thank you!

                    1. Hi Mihai, I got the majority of them on paperback on the website you can register and compile a wish list but then it is a wait game for how ever long it takes for another member to post it up for a swap. The only one I had the most trouble with was Murder Most Royal I could not get that one FOREVER and my blogger buddy Arleigh from sent me an extra copy she had. But I have seen it up for sale at my local used bookstore I hope that helps you some. Happy reading and collecting.


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