Monday, February 07, 2011

HFRT Event Wrap Up, Pale Rose of England by Sandra Worth

It is HFRT event wrap up time. This event was one of my favorites and thank you Sandra and the ladies of the group: Allie, Arleigh, and Heather. I loved this book and hope that if you feel inspired to go for a different perspective on the Tudors this one will be right up your alley way. Below is my list of posts for the Event and the links to the group site and much, much more.

HFRT, Event Announcement Post
HFRT Book Review A PALE ROSE OF ENGLAND by SandraWorth
HFRT: A Royal Mystery, a guest post by author Sandra Worth
HFRT: Pale Rose of England by Sandra Worth Giveaway Ends 2.12.2011
HFRT Article Book Review: "Rose of York Fall From Grace" by Sandra Worth

Check out the group site schedule for more giveaways and more cool "Pale Rose of England" posts on the main site giveaway also.

For more on Sandra too you can check out some of my past posts on Sandra,
Mailbox Mondays
Book Review, LADY OF THE ROSES by Sandra Worth
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  1. Thanks for the website suggestion! I always get my books from, but I'll have to try the paperbackswap one!
    I haven't read either of those books by Robin Maxwell, I had noticed the Juliet one before, but hadn't gotten around to ordering's on my wish list though!

  2. wow...just joined that site you suggested, and listed 15 books...I already have orders for 5! LOL...and I ordered those 2 robin maxwell books!! thanks again!

  3. Kimberly, I have never heard of I am going to have to check it out if you like it so much. The o, Juliet one is super super short and very very good. HEHE LOL that is awesome I guess you had some good books that everyone wants. That site is great for if you want a certain cover or style of book to add to a collection too. I love using the wish lists to get UK prints and rarer cover ones too. I am glad you like it and you will love those Robin books.


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