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Historical Fiction TV: Reign Season Two SPOILER ALERT!

A quick recap of Reign season two! Now I know that many of you history lovers can not stand this show because it is so far fetched that it really is not even remotely the same people anymore but I LOVE it! I have to share with you all what went down in season two.

Queen Mary & Prince Conde,
this is his WTH face.
In a nut shell Mary Queen of Scots and France was violated and absolutely refuses to let any man touch her especially Francis. This assaults leads Mary to have a affair with the handsome Louis Prince of Conde. This goes good for awhile and Francis allows the relationship to continue with his vowed protection only because he is holding out hope that after the affair Mary will return to him and love him once again. In the meantime Mary and Conde have made plans to escape to Scotland but that all gets ruined and Elizabeth I of England steps in with an offer of marriage to Conde. The offer came with conditions and Conde took the offer and was made to promise that he would dethrone Francis and take France for himself.

As many of you fans know nothing on Reign works out the way it is suppose to. Conde and Mary both end up betraying each other while a war is about to break out in France with Elizabeth I of England backing it. Mary's banished Lady in Waiting Greer is learning how to survive on her own with out the benefits of royal favor by becoming a madame at her own brothel. She finally gets the man she has always loved and sadly decides to keep her business over the man that loves her. Bash and Kenna are on the outs and still technically separated after the King of Navarre tried to come between them. Kenna and bash both find love in the most unusual of places. Following their hearts ends up leading them on a dangerous path that ends tragically and mysteriously, leaving Kenna pregnant and Bash on a witch hunt.

Dowager Queen Catherine de' Medici in the meantime has her hands full with Lord Narcisse all season and finds that even though she loves him she can not control his heart and his heart will always belong to Mary's once Lady in Waiting Lola. Love affairs aside Catherine will stop at nothing to protect France and that includes betraying her own children which at the end of the season earns her banishment and a audience with none other than ELIZABETH I! The suspense this season surrounding Elizabeth I was intense and leave it to TV to delay her appearance to as long as possible ... literally the last twenty seconds of the season. Check out the season two pictures below and tell me what you think. I once heard it say that the Reign characters are the barbie versions of the real people, what do you think?
Prince Conde & Queen Mary
Prince Conde & Queen Mary
Lord Narcisse
Princess Claude, Francis sister
Greer & Leith
Queen Mary & King Francis
Queen Mary & King Francis
Queen Elizabeth I of England

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Historical Fiction TV: THE ROYALS

Hey everyone I just wanted to share a new historical TV show that I am completely hooked on The Royals on E! I happened to come across this one because on Google Play it has the first episode for a free download. I admit that once I watched the first one I was utterly hooked into it. The story is so bad it is good, kind of like Reign on CW. It is like watching a car accident that you just can not take your eyes from. The story is suppose to be very loosely based on the modern day ruling king of England. Elizabeth Hurley is the Queen Helena and of all people her mother is Joan Collins!

It is awfully good with the plots and adventures of the younger royals. They too are also loosely based on the current royal family members of the Windsors. There is even a girl, Ophelia that is like Kate Middleton pursing Prince Liam while his twin sister Princess Eleanor parties all her nights away. Now I must state that this show is the extreme version of the Windsors. They party like rock stars and are constantly doing drugs, fighting and plotting against each other. If you are not down with the drugs and sex than this is not the show for you. I do not mind those parts and I find that the writers of the show take a grain of truth and have turned it into a full blown escapade every episode. Sadly there is only one season to date and it won't be back until November but I am patiently awaiting its return. For more on the show check out these sites: E! The Royals SiteFull Cast List on IMDb & IMDb Page.

"Drama about a fictional British Royal family set in modern day London, who inhabit a world of opulence and regal tradition that caters to any and every desire, but one that also comes with a price tag of duty, destiny and intense public scrutiny. - Written by E!"

"The Buckingham Palace on steroids New York Post"

Full cast photo

Prince Liam with Ophelia

Princess Eleanor with her smoking hot body guard Jasper

Joan Collin's as The Grand Duchess Alexandra of Oxford

Prince Cyrus with his daughters Princess Maribel and Princess Penelope

Princesses Penelope and Maribel Inspiration: Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice LOL!! If you want to check out more of who is who's inspiration then check out this funny article by New York Post.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Book Review: THE TRAITOR'S WIFE by Allison Pataki

During the American Revolution the “belle of Philadelphia” was Miss Peggy Shippen. She was a haughty selfish beauty that was a royalist at heart. Peggy was the type of girl that was beautiful but ugly on the inside. Her maid Clara Bell was everything Peggy was not. Clara had recently lost her grandmother and was taken into service by the Shippen family. Clara had been given the hardest duty in the household and that was to keep Peggy happy. Spoilt rotten to the core Peggy was a vain woman and cared nothing about anything in life other than her pretty face, her elaborate dresses and her handsome British beau major John Andre. Peggy’s lavish life style of fancy dinner parties, gorgeous gowns, and dashing men in uniforms was all too much for Clara. She felt completely overwhelmed with Peggy’s disillusioned world. Her one and only comfort in her new employers home was the developing friendship she had with a young man named Caleb that also worked for the shippen family. Clara began to settle into her new life as Peggy’s maid and found it anything but easy.

The Royalist had controlled Philadelphia at this time during the revolution but nothing lasts forever and it was all about to come to an end. The rebels infiltrated the royalist camp and forced the royalists including Major John Andre to flee. In that instant Peggy’s idyllic life and heart shattered into tiny little bits of hopelessness.  Months later she was still broken hearted. Eventually Peggy unenthusiastically welcomed the rebel forces and their commander Benedict Arnold.  A legendary war hero of the revolution, Benedict had bravely fought for Washington and had suffered greatly because of it. He had been wounded in the leg during battle and had been in dire financial straights because the loyalist had not paid him for his military services for years. Eventually Peggy came around after mourning the loss of Andre. It was time to move on and since she was a vain woman she realized Benedict Arnold was the only man in town with the means to satisfy her financially. Twice her age and defiantly not her type Peggy pursued the general and with her fathers permission married him even though she only marginally loved him, it would never be a great love affair between them.

When Peggy was married Clara had been sent with Peggy’s new household but finical circumstances arise for the newly married Arnold’s and they got their first dose of reality in the form of poverty. Clara missed nothing to do with Peggy because it was her job. She noticed her mistresses decline and unhappiness it was not a shock to Clara that Peggy had concocted a crazy plan to bring them back to wealth but all at the expense of betraying her country and the men that her husband had faithfully served for so long. It would take every trick Peggy ever learned to sway her husband into becoming a traitor. Forced to just stand by and watch things unfold Clara loved her country and she knew she had to do the right thing.  It was just like Peggy to be rotten but this was taking it to a whole new level and Clara just snapped.  She had enough of selfish Peggy Shippen and no longer could she or would she just stand by while two traitors destroyed her country.

4/5 Good read, a whole new time period for me this time around. This is my first American Revolution historical fiction novel and I really enjoyed it. What leaned me towards this read was the new TV series Turn, I am hooked on Turn and many of the shows characters are featured in this novel. It was a great introductory novel to the American Revolution. I would highly recommend this novel to historical fiction lovers because it is a great novel that is loosely based on real events.

PG-13 for mild violence and sexual references

FTC- This novel is from my personal collection.
Amazon: THE TRAITOR'S WIFE by Allison Pataki

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Check Out My New Site Beautifully Obsessed

Hi everyone I wanted to discuss a few changes I made to Historically Obsessed over the last couple of weeks. I know that many of you really were enjoying my beauty and youtube posts but I think that the topics were just too large to keep together on one blog. I decided to split them up. I started a brand new blog on Wordpress called Beautifully Obsessed... got to stick to my obsession meme ya know.

With that being said all beauty related posts from here on out will be posted there and ONLY book related stuff on Historically Obsessed from now on. I did not import all of the posts I made on here because it would mean a full import and I did not want to do that. I ended up hand importing them all and I deleted every trace of the beauty posts here and have them all listed for you below with links to my new blog. I must mention too that from here on out I will have one youtube channel and if I post a video about books I will post it here. If I make a video on beauty related anything it will go ONLY on Beautifully Obsessed. To keep things simple each page will have its own like page but I will have only one google+, twitter, pinterest, and instagram page. I hope this makes you all happy because I know some of you were not too thrilled about the changes I made but I really wanted to test the waters to see if there would be an interest in the two topics.

If you are interested please follow my new blog Beautifully Obsessed, like it on Facebook, and subscribe to me on youtube. I would love to stay in touch with you all more because I am not going anywhere just expanding to more topics. I will also leave a perma link on the tool bar to Beautifully Obsessed just in case you want to just check it out from time to time. I love you all and thank you for your love and support and I hope you check out my new site because it is going to be a lot of fun running it. I will continue to blog about my reads and all things historical fiction related so do not worry I am not going anywhere!
Also if you have not entered in the giveaway yet there is still time to enter in for a chance to win one of two copies of The Exchange of Princesses by Chantal Thomas

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Giveaway: The Exchange of Princesses by Chantal Thomas

In stores 7.7.2015 

The Exchange of Princesses by Chantal Thomas
Philippe d’Orléans, the regent of France, has a gangrenous heart–the result of a life of debauchery, alcohol, power, and flattery. One morning in 1721, he has a brilliant idea to further appease his thirst for power: he decides to marry eleven-year-old Louis the XV to the daughter of Philippe V of Spain, who is only four. This, Orléans hopes, will tie his kingdom to Spain’s. But it could also have a more duplicitous effect: were Louis XV to die without begetting an heir–the likeliness of which is greatly increased by having a child—Orléans himself would finally be king. In exchange, Orléans tosses his own daughter into the bargain, the 12-year-old Mlle de Montpensier, who will marry the Prince of Asturias, the inheritor of the Spanish throne.

The Spanish court enthusiastically agrees and arrangements are quickly made. The two nations trade their princesses in a grand ceremony in 1722, making bonds that should end the historical conflict between them. Of course, nothing turns out as expected. In a novel that reads like a fairy tale, Chantal Thomas chronicles a time in French history when children were not children, but pawns in an adult’s game.

Giveaway: The Exchange of Princesses by Chantal Thomas
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