Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Book Review: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY by E L James

It has been on the lips of masses that Fifty Shades of Grey is the next best thing after Twilight. Very recently it was announced that a movie based on the books would be in the works a.s.a.p. Hunky Tatum Channing has even offered himself up for the part of Christian Grey. I just could not help myself I had to know what everyone was raving about.

Ana (Anastasia) Steele is an unrealistic mess; she is naive woman that has never known a man and suffers from the dreaded indecisiveness. She has a Bella from Twilight feel that tends to be on the whiny side. Ana a senior at college got manipulated into taking her roommate and BFF’s interview for the school newspaper. BFF Kate sent Ana to Seattle to interview some well to do CEO who was a benefactor for the college both girls attended. Things did not go as planned for Ana and just like every other woman who came across the super handsome, outrageously rich, and super successful Christian grey. The perfect specimen of a man and like a moth Ana was drawn into Christian’s magnetic personality.  Feeling that she left the interview with a sour taste in her mouth Ana did not dare pursue Christian. That did not keep her from thinking of him though. Maybe it was just fluke that Kate got sick and could not make it to do the interview herself but Ana doubted she would ever see Christian again.

Ana could not forget Christian and his face became a permanent fixture in her mind that is until one-day at work she looked up and there was the college benefactor in all his fleshy glory. Baby steps at first and that day led to him giving Ana his card with his personal info on it including his cell number.  The next day Kate suggested that she should call him and ask him if he would mind doing a photo shoot to follow up on the article for the school news paper.

The shoot went off great with Christian staying in Portland Oregon for a time being. Christian was to be a speaker at the graduation ceremony. It was on this second meeting that it was confirmed to Ana that there was defiantly something there between Christian and her. Even best friend Kate noticed the chemistry but they also both notice a dark and mysterious side to Christian. Ana became determined to know this man and find out what it really was that made him so different from every other man she ever met.

The truth is that everyone has secrets; some are darker than others and more sinister than others. Ana was about to be launched into a downward spiral that is Christian Grey’s dark side. She may or may not like what she finds when she gets there but she did have a choice. Her life became the dilemma of love the man and become a part of his darkness or move on and try to forget he ever existed. Just like touching the light in darkness the moth gets burned and the burns leave their marks on the delicate wings. She has a choice to make and he is waiting for the answer. This will be the hardest choice of her romantic life and it could cost her the only man she has ever known or loved.

2/5 First the positive, yes I enjoyed that this book was super sexy. Christian is a man worthy of dreaming of. I really enjoyed that most of this book is set in an area around me Portland Oregon. I loved that when places that were mentioned I knew where it was and had actually been there like The Heathman Hotel in Downtown Portland. Besides that it did have it’s hang ups though. Okay so on with the hang-ups. From here on out I will be completely frank because I know no other way but keep in mind my option is just one in a sea of endless reviews. Not everyone will see this book the same but this is just me being honest. First off I really do not think this book should be laid out as a romance or erotic romance this should be considered a genre of only erotica. I feel this way because one scene in particular where hot Christian asks Ana if she is on her period and Christian plucking it out for “her” so they could do it kind of falls across the line as erotica. Another hang up for me is the coincidence of the two main characters reminiscent of other famous series like Ana is a likeness to Bella in Twilight and Christian Grey is distinctly characteristic of the TV show “Nip Tuck” Christian Troy.  Nip Tuck is a now discontinued show that was on FX. For one the name Christian Grey versus Christian Troy there are so many more similarities like the constant discussion of the size of the men’s very large male member. The fact that both Christian’s share the same freakishness, arrogance, super rich, super hot, and just down right nastiness. It kind of made me wonder the whole time if it was just more than a coincidence.  I hate to say this but this book was like watching a train wreck it was bad and you just cannot help but stare at it.  I think this is the rare case where the movie will be better than the book. My curiosity has been appeased and I will not be reading the next to books


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