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Mailbox Monday

Sex with Kings : 500 Years of Adultery, Power, Rivalry, and Revenge (P.S.)Sex with Kings : 500 Years of Adultery, Power, Rivalry, and Revenge (P.S.) Eleanor Herman

"When kings marry foreign strangers for dynastic or financial reasons and queens are trained in piety over sensuality, royal mistresses seem an inevitability. Kings had flings and extramarital relationships through much of European history, and in her first book, Herman offers, with relish and dry wit, a delightful overview of their sexual escapades. Her subjects are international, though France dominates and England gets a strong showing. It's a lively account, organized by topic e.g., "The Fruits of Sin—Royal Bastards." Herman weaves into a larger pattern the tales of recurrent figures, such as Louis XIV's mistress Athénaïs de Montespan and Madame de Pompadour, who is perhaps more famous than her royal lover, Louis XV. Fashions, love potions and cheerful conversation kept kings enthralled while mistresses made themselves wealthy, husbands acquiesced or simmered, courtiers wooed the mistresses and the public admired or ridiculed. A striking number of these relationships continued despite arguments and even the lack of sex. George II even felt it necessary to keep a mistress for his reputation despite actually loving his wife. Herman ends on a modern note, recounting how Camilla Parker-Bowles famously introduced herself to Prince Charles by noting that her great-grandmother had been his great-great-grandfather's mistress. Herman ends on a serious note, but her wit and perceptiveness will carry readers through this royally pleasurable romp".


Friday, May 27, 2011

Alien's: Do You Believe?

Someone once told me that "the universe is just way to big for something else not to be alive out there". I have to agree and this video really could convert the non-believer into a believer. This one really got me but...a few of the clips in this movie have for sure with out a doubt been proven as fakes or or things.

For example the one with the three comets in the air that split into a triangle formation is a hoax. The video was debunked by the TV show "fact or fake" on SYFY channel. The show proved it to be night sky divers with LED lights on them it was exactly the same as the original video. It was later reported that the us air force team "golden knights" were practicing that exact night. They were doing practice sky dives that were mistaken for unidentified flying objects. What is hysterical is that when "Fact or Fake" did their reenactment the locals then began reporting another UFO sighting. The local news aired a clip of the reenactment and people adamantly refused to believe it was not a UFO.

The same show also blew up the one where it show Omar Mosque in Jerusalem Israel where the famed Mosque is it looks like a UFO flies down and hovers over it and then all of the sudden at break neck speeds the light takes off back where it came from. that one is also a fake and was proven to be an edited video. I just wanted to share this one because I thought it was fun and a bit different.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tudor Women: Anne Boleyn or Someone Else?

This pretty Tudor hottie is officially unnamed but... I see a lot of Anne Boleyn in her or Catherine Howard maybe. What do you think?

Lovely Tudor Lady here was made with watercolor pencils, color pencils, and lastly a bit of ink to polish her off. I hope you all like her I must admit I did this one about 6 moths ago or maybe longer and had completely spaced on posting her.  You can also click on the image for the larger version.


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Mailbox Monday

The Convenient Marriage The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer

 "A dashing hero, with an equally dashing rival, and a swordfight that will take readers' breath away.

Horatia Winwood is a plain girl with a stutter. When she rescues her sister from an undesired marriage to the Earl of Rule by proposing to him herself, he is thoroughly impressed by her spirit and enjoys watching her take the ton by storm. When Rule's archenemy, Sir Robert, tries to kiss Horatia, she spurns his advances, and in the ensuing scuffle loses an heirloom brooch. Horatia's brother's hare-brained scheme to recover the brooch fails, and then the Earl himself must step in, challenging Sir Robert in a swordfight that is Heyer at her most stirring".

Fire on Dark WaterFire on Dark WaterWendy K. Perriman

"Fire on Dark Water is recounted by an English gypsy called Lola Blaise, who knows that Captain Edward Teach is a buccaneer when she marries him but has no idea she is about to become the thirteenth wife of the infamous Blackbeard, nor does she realize the unconscionable deeds she will have to perform to avoid the fate of her tragic predecessors. The action takes place in the Eighteenth Century's 'Golden Age of Piracy'. Lola takes us on an epic journey from her early Romany childhood, to loss of innocence in the slums of London, a horrific voyage on a white slave ship, indentured servitude on a Charleston rice plantation, life in a brothel on the 'Pirate Republic' of New Providence, and ultimately aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge (Blackbeard's flagship), as she interacts with real characters in factual situations. This is a gritty, violent, realistic portrayal of the lascivious, often manic events, acted out by dangerous drunk individuals with little left to lose.  Warning: Not a tale for the faint of heart"!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today in History Anne Boleyn Loses her head

Anne Boleyn was beheaded on the tower green on May 19 1536 475 years ago today. Anne is by far leading lady of my heart because she was a smart capable woman who was way ahead of her times. I feel Anne was a victim of the men in her life including her father. I also have throw out there the Rh Negative factor in her numerous miscarriages. For more on being Rh Negative read here but basically it means the new babies blood is not compatible with the mothers and today women would receive a shot to counteract the incompatibility. It has been proven that most woman with Rh Negative can produce at least one living girl child before the incompatibility kicks in, weird I know but from what I have gathered true. Even my own mother is Rh Negative and her first born was a daughter and then the shots began with the second one. In my heart of hearts Anne was a good woman, a brave woman who even in the face of the greatest peril held her head high with the dignity she rightly deserved.

The beheading of Queen Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII Tudor, on the 19th May 1536 at Tower Green. In the background the Tower of London. On the left Henry VIII. On the right Lady Jane Seymour.

"Good Christian people, I am come hither to die, for according to the law, and by the law I am judged to die, and therefore I will speak nothing against it. I am come hither to accuse no man, nor to speak anything of that, whereof I am accused and condemned to die, but I pray God save the king and send him long to reign over you, for a gentler nor a more merciful prince was there never: and to me he was ever a good, a gentle and sovereign lord. And if any person will meddle of my cause, I require them to judge the best. And thus I take my leave of the world and of you all, and I heartily desire you all to pray for me. O Lord have mercy on me, to God I commend my soul."

Mademoiselle Boleyn, Robin Maxwell
The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, Robin Maxwell
Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn
Murder Most Royal: The Story of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard
The Boleyn Wife
The Concubine: A Novel
To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn
The Six Wives of Henry VIII

P.S. I want her cloak.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Book Review: QUEEN BY RIGHT by Anne Easter Smith

“Proud Cis” has been a long standing curiosity for me in historical fiction novels. There really is not much out there on just her even though she is the mother of kings. I was elated to participate in the Anne Easter Smith blog tour. Cecily Neville also nick named “Proud Cis” was one of the core people in The War of the Roses. I have decided with finishing this novel that The War of the Roses is for sure my favorite time period to read about. There is a reason the war was also called The Cousins’ War and it is because it was literally all the royal cousins fighting that triggered off like an avalanche back when Richard II was murdered. Since so many important people were tied to the war it makes for some good reads to see all the different perspectives on the war. What made this one different from other War of the Roses novels is that it was not just another novel that focuses on the future Edward IV of England but instead the focus is on his mother the duchess of York, “The Rose of Raby” Cecily Neville.

Just trying to lay out Cecily’s pedigree and family ties is impossible to cover in one book review. I wish I could but that is a book all by itself. One key piece of info on her I had not known was her father Ralph Neville 1st Earl of Westmorland was married twice. First it was to Margaret de Stafford with nine children, second to Cecily’s mother Joan Beaufort. Joan had a whopping fourteen children with the earl and it was even said to be a love match. I was really surprised when I found out Joan’s parents were none other than John of Gaunt and later wife Katherine Swynford. I really enjoyed that even in a large family Cecily found her individuality and as a child was a head strong little tom boy that held her father’s affection from the very beginning. Joan had even said she was “spoilt by her father”. When she was around nine years old the newly orphaned Duke of York came to the Neville household under her father’s care. Of course her father was hoping to get York into the family by marriage and Cecily made the perfect fit.

The two could not have been a more perfect match and I am genuinely in love with the realistic personalities Anne conveyed in this novel. Cecily with her passion for Jeanne d’Arc and Richard with his need for recognition at court, the pair were the stuff movies and legends are made of. They really seemed an unstoppable force at court but fate would throw the couple to and fro in a violent storm that became England in the years leading up to The War of the Roses. Richard was such a loveable character and Cecily was so smart to recognize a good man when she saw one, I won’t give spoilers but the marriage proposal to Cecily is a riot. Richard it seemed had an infectious laugh or “neigh” and each time it was mentioned I found myself snickering to myself. I have to admit there was one that I quoted below that made me laugh so hard it made my stomach hurt.

“A neigh of laughter ricocheted off the rafters of the old great hall, abruptly halting conversation in the rest of the room”. At the Wedding

Happiness between the couple came to a crossroads when the case of the French woman Jeanne d’Arc came to English authority. York was involved with the proceedings since he was a high ranking Duke and I have to admit Cecily’s link to Jeanne was well tied into the novel. Leave it to Proud Cis to show genuine compassion where others had failed miserably. Life for the Yorks even after Jeanne was gone was hard but they say a rose that blossoms in diversity is the rarest most beautiful of its kind and Cecily would become that rose. I admire the fact that the couple did what most couples did in the face of adversity they held onto their love and took whatever the future threw at them even if it was The War of the Roses.

5/5 Beautiful this one should be a movie, a complicated movie but a very very good one. I was kind of sad that in the beginning it is Cecily reliving her memories after she finds out Richard is dead. But this is a classic case of you know what happens but it is how it gets there that really matters. This one I have to add to my top War of the Roses picks for so many different reasons. One a very unique main character, two Cecily and Richards love is compelling to say the least, and finally just because it really was that good of a novel. Queen by Right was superbly written and now I know exactly why Anne Easter Smith is so widely popular. I would highly recommend this to newbies of War of the Roses because you cannot go wrong with the very point where history took a change in course and this one must be recommended to everyone not just newbies to the period because if you love a good love story you will really enjoy this one.
  • FTC~This novel was sent to me by the publisher for review. 
  • R~Rating for sexual references and violence.
Queen By Right: A Novel
The King's Grace: A Novel
A Rose for the Crown: A Novel
Daughter of York: A Novel

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    Today In History: George Boleyn's Execution

    I really was not going to post this but C.W. Gortner has compelled me to do so because in truth George Boleyn is in my thoughts today. Most of this is a re-post from last year. I think George's story touches a soft spot in my heart because Like Anne Boleyn I too have a brother I am very close to. To me it seems some siblings are just siblings but some siblings share a extra special bond; one that just is a part of your soul. I think George and Anne had a relationship like that more than an incestuous one. Anne Boleyn called him her " sweet brother"

    475 years ago today George Boleyn, Viscount Rochford was executed on Tower hill on May 17th 1536. He was brought to trail with four other men for having cardinal knowledge of the Queen of England. It just happened that the queen was his sister Anne Boleyn. During the hearing his own wife testified against him that conniving Jane Parker. George was found guilty of incest by the court judges, his own father insanely being one of them. Everyone had turned their back on him and Anne. No one dared speak out for fear of the kings Henry's wrath.

    Poor George entangled in a web of deceit, known as the rat race but, in the court of Henry VIII it was a deadly game to play with very high stakes, your head. The higher they are raised, the harder they fall, this applies to George. He was a scape goat for king Henry, someone to blame for Queen Anne's terrible miscarriages & wild antics. George was a avid politician and henchman for Henry during his campaign urged by Anne, to the dissolution of the catholic monasteries. It was also rumored that he was gay, and one of the other men executed, a musician named Mark Smeaton could have been his lover. Mark is also accused of being the later Queen Elizabeth's father. It was a vicious slander on Anne set in place by the supporters of the catholic faith. In the end George met a terrible end, & when I watched him executed on Tudors on showtime, I cried for him and mark.

    George's execution speech,
    " I was a great reader and mighty debater of the word of God, and one of those who most favoured the gospel of Jesus Christ. Wherefore, lest the word of God should be brought into reproach on my account, I now tell you all Sirs, that if I had, in very deed, kept his holy word, even as I read and reasoned about it with all the strength of my wit, certain am I that I should not be in the piteous condition wherein I now stand. Truly and diligently did I read the gospel of Christ Jesus, but I turned not to profit that which I did read; the which had I done, of a surety I had not fallen into so great errors. Wherefore I do beseech you all, for the love of our Lord God, that ye do at all seasons, hold by the truth, and speak it, and embrace it; for beyond all peradventure, better profiteth he who readeth not and yet doeth well, than he who readeth much and yet liveth in sin"

    "George Boleyn’s signature. It was written inside the book ‘Les Lamentations de Matheolus’ and ‘Le Livre de Leesce’ by Jean Lefevre. George Boleyn wrote inside:

    ‘Thys boke ys myne, George Boleyn 1526’.

    It appears that the book was passed around the Boleyn circle. George seems to have passed it on to Mark Smeaton who added ‘A moi M. Marc S’ at the end of one page. Then the poet Thomas Wyatt owned it and he scribbled down proverbs in Latin, French, Spanish and Italian on the back flyleaves.George was deeply interested in religious texts and when abroad for various diplomatic reasons he purchased books for his sister Anne. Anne amassed a great number of religious books and greatly enhanced the royal library. The fact that both George and Smeaton had access to this book was used by historian Retha Warnicke as the sole piece of evidence to suggest the two men were involved in a homosexual relationship, whilst ignoring the fact that Wyatt had also endorsed the book. This seems to be a case of making the evidence fit the theory rather than the other way around".

    My favorite book that has more of my view of George is The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. Also with her follow up book The Boleyn Inheritance you can follow the demise of George's wife Jane Parker other wise known as Jane Viscount Rochford. Jane played a major key role in George's down fall and later in Queen Catherine Howard's death also. My favorite Jane Rochford novel is Brandy Purdy's The Boleyn Wife because it is wild and defiantly falls under "historical entertainment". Brandy focuses on the crazy side of Jane and she EVEN gives a very logical explanation of where that famous Boleyn necklace went. But that is a whole different story for another time. I wish it were different but there is no existing or surviving portrait of George Boleyn. I imagine that he was handsome because his sister has to have had some beauty to lure Henry VIII all those years.

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    Today In History: Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI Wedding bells

    241 years ago today Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI wedding bells rang out on May 16th 1770

    Much has been written and portrayed about the marriage relationship of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. Here are historical facts about their lives together from

    • Ages at Wedding: Marie Antoinette was 14; Louis XVI was 15.
    • Wedding Date: On April 19, 1770 Marie Antoinette and Louis-Auguste were married by proxy in the Augustine Church in Vienna. Marie Antoinette left for France two days later. She crossed the border into France on May 7, 1770.
    • On May 16, 1770, their French wedding was held at Versailles in the Chapel Royal.
    • Her wedding dress was decorated with diamonds and pearls.
    • After a formal dinner and the blessing of their bed by the Archbishop of Reims, Marie Antoinette and Louis-Auguste were escorted to their bedroom. They did not consummate their marriage until August 1777 according to a letter she wrote to her mother on August 30, 1777.
    • Marie Thérèse Charlotte about Marie Antoinette after Louis XVI's death: "She no longer had any hope left in her heart or distinguished between life and death."
    • PBS about Louis XVI: "Louis XVI was the first French king in two hundred years not to have a royal mistress."
    For some of your own Marie Antoinette inspired wedding ideas check out this lovely link. Also check out this video of a really cool Marie Antoinette inspired bridal shower and wedding it is to DIE for beautiful plus what is a wedding with out a delicious cake?

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Royal Barbies and More Great Beauties

    "Carrying a handcrafted porcelain pair of roses, Barbie® doll is the height of royalty as Marie Antoinette who became the Queen of France when her husband was crowned King Louis XVI in the 18th century. She wears a regal blue gown and matching bodice that is embellished with touches of golden lace. Draped with golden fringe, the generous layers of her extravagant gown are decorated with golden tassels and hide her full-length pantaloons and the blue satin ribbons on her shoes. A matching hat topped with feathers completes her ensemble. She wears an extravagant rhinestone necklace that complements her dramatic ensemble". Amazon: Marie Antoinette Barbie
    "The last of the Tudor monarchs, Queen Elizabeth I is considered one of the most successful and popular British rulers in history. Her reign lasted until 1603 and this Elizabethan era was considered a “Golden Age” in English history. Elizabeth’s subjects called her Glorianna and Good Queen Bess, as she was enormously popular. Elizabeth I liked to wear lavish gowns and opulent jewels and her court featured stylish entertainment. She was beloved during her reign, and, after her death, she became a legend. Barbie® doll pays homage to this extraordinary monarch dressed in a sumptuous gown inspired by Elizabeth I. Elaborate jewelry and a golden headpiece lend an air of regal sophistication". Amazon: Queen Elizabeth I Barbie
    Elizabethan Queen Barbie, Amazon: Elizabethan Queen The Great Era Collection
     Empress Josephine Barbie, "Empress Josephine Barbie doll wears a regal outfit inspired by historical records. The empire-style gown (not removable from doll) is made of satin, embellished with golden braid and hemmed with golden fringe. A rich red, velvet robe is beautifully embroidered and is lined with printed, faux ermine. The jewelry suite includes faux pearl earrings, two double strand bracelets, and faux pearl necklace further accented with crystals. The silvery crown and tiara also feature crystal embellishments. Golden shoes with painted print complete this imperial beauty. Less than 4,500 units worldwide". Amazon: Empress Josephine Barbie
     Empress Sissy Barbie, "Get ready for a royal treat. It's a Limited Edition Barbie doll, inspired by Empress Sissy of Austria's Habsburg-Lothringen Dynasty. Her costume was recreated from a 19th century painting and features a fitted satin bodice, decorated with sequins and beads and lavish golden braid. The back of her gown is hand sewn with tiny "faux pearl" buttons. From her lace trimmed pantaloons and shoes, to her delicate fan, to her dark braided hair accented with rhinestones, she's every bit an Empress". Amazon: Mattel Barbie Doll - Empress Sissy - Kaiserin - Austria - World Culture Dolls
     Faberge Imperial Elegance Limited Edition Porcelain Barbie Doll, "Handcrafted in fine porcelain bisque, FabergéTM Imperial EleganceTM Barbie® doll wears a regal gown of rich blue satin with a golden lamé underskirt. Both are lavishly embroidered with over 50,000 stitches and accented with over 175 hand-sewn gleaming Swarovski® crystals. 22K gold-plated latticework adorns her stunning, egg-shaped evening bag, which opens to reveal a miniature Swarovski® crystal heart. Her elegant faux pearl choker, golden and crystal drop earrings and dazzling tiara covered in 22K gold-plate add to the splendor that makes this one of the most glorious Barbie dolls ever. Hand numbered in 22K gold and limited to a worldwide production of 15,000 units. She is the first porcelain Barbie doll to use the Mackie head mold". Amazon:Faberge Imperial Elegance Limited Edition Porcelain Barbie Doll
    Madame du Barbie, "Madame du Barbie doll captures the majesty and opulent elegance of the eighteenth century royal court of France. Her gown is a breathtaking confection of ice blue brocade with bead and jewel-embellished rococo embroidery. The coiffure and headpiece are appropriate for the most elegant of royal occasions". Amazon: 1997 Barbie Collectibles - Bob Mackie Madame du Barbie
    Princess of Ancient Greece Barbie "Princess of Ancient Greece Barbie Doll wears a rippled, copper-colored dress called a "chiton" that flares at the bottom. A square sheer wrap decorated with a golden Grecian pattern is pinned at her right shoulder with one of two golden pins that are shaped like a lion's head. She wears a golden serpent arm cuff and completes her outfit with a golden laurel crown atop her curly dark brown hair, worn up in a classic Grecian chignon. Doll measures approximately 12 inches tall. Amazon: Dolls of the World The Princess Collection: Princess of Ancient Greece Barbie
    Princess of England Barbie, Amazon: Dolls of the World: Princess of England Barbie 
    Princess of the French Court Barbie, Amazon: Dolls of the World Princess of the French Court Barbie Doll
     Princess of the Danish Court Barbie,  "Part of the Dolls of the World "The Princess Collection," Princess of the Danish Court Barbie doll rules proudly. She wears a stunning light blue and ivory gown decorated with lace and a golden bow. Her shimmering blonde hair is upswept, and dangling golden earrings, a golden ribbon choker and a regal crown show her royal station. This collector's edition doll makes a beautiful addition to any Barbie enthusiast's collection. Doll measures approximately 12 inches tall". Amazon:Barbie Dolls of the World - The Princess Collection: Princess of the Danish Court
    Romeo & Juliet Barbie " Barbie comes with: gown, chaplet, necklace, shoes. Ken comes with: tunic, cloak, leggings, belt, dagger, cap, slippers, 2 doll stands & Certificate of Authenticity. A 1997 Mattel production". Amazon: Romeo and Juliet As Barbie & Ken Mattel Barbie Doll Set
    "Inspired by the romance and passion of Camelot, Ken and Barbie dolls are featured as a couple that legends are made of - King Arthur and Guinevere. Barbie as Guinevere is spellbinding in her full-length slate-blue medieval-style gown featuring long, flowing sleeves and crimson and metallic golden accents. A headpiece of delicate burgundy and golden netting with faux pearls adorns her cascading strawberry blonde hair. Dressed as King Arthur, Ken is clad in a crimson cape and matching velvet tunic with an embroidered lion's crest. A suit of golden "armor" -- including gauntlets and greaves -- and a realistic "sword" on his "leather" belt offer an authentic glimpse of the medieval warrior". Amazon: Ken and Barbie Doll As Camelot's King & Queen, Arthur and Guinevere
     Princess of the Korean Court Barbie,  "Inspired by Korea's historically traditional costume, the Princess of the Korean Court Barbie wears a hanbok in the beautiful colors of spring. It is customary to celebrate Sol Nal, New Year's Day, on the first day of spring, which is also the first day of the first month of the new lunar year. It is a happy day of joyous celebration and honors the heritage of the princess and her family. Doll measures approximately 12 inches tall". Amazon: Mattel Princess of the Korean Court Barbie Doll
    Maiko Barbie "This is the exclusive brunette version of the 2006 Hard Rock Barbie, aka Hard Rock Barbie #4, that was only available at Hard Rock stores/gift shops. Includes a special, exclusive Hard Rock Cafe collector pin, too. Take a good look at the pics - this version has DARK hair". Amazon: Barbie - Maiko - Gold Label Edition 
    Empress of the Golden Blossom Barbie "The "magic" of Asia comes to life with Empress of the Golden Blossom Barbie doll. The doll wears an opulent gown of pink and golden brocade, inspired by a glorious fantasy of exotic Chinese costume. The noble peony motif is elegantly featured in the lush fabrics. A golden headpiece crowns the intricate hairdo, decorated with lovely faux flowers and birds". Amazon: Empress of the Golden Blossom Barbie Doll Limited Edition 4700 or less!
    Cleopatra Barbie "This striking portrayal of Barbie doll as Cleopatra captures the nobility of a divine queen. She wears a dazzling cape and skirt with exotic green and black design, featuring a golden rope embellishment. Her extravagant headdress lends a regal air with its ornate design with scarab and cobra details. The faux jewel and golden earrings, dagger, and scepter reveal the pharaoh's exotic origin. History and striking elegance meet to create an extraordinary doll". Amazon: Barbie Doll - Cleopatra Barbie Doll Le 5400 Egyptian Barbie
    Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra Barbie, Amazon: Barbie (1999) Elizabeth Taylor (Cleopatra)
    The Bard Barbie, Legends of Ireland Amazon: Barbie Legends of Ireland Limited Edition the Bard
    The Spellbound Lover, Legends of Ireland Amazon: Barbie Legends of Ireland Collection The Spellbound Lover
    Grecian Goddess Barbie "Protector of Ancient Athens. Goddess of wisdom. Beautiful beyond words. Meet Grecian Goddess Barbie doll from The Great Eras Collection. This Collector Edition doll, fashioned after the goddess Athena, wears a white pleated tunic, decorated with golden laurel leaves, and cinched at the waist. A royal purple cloak adds contrast and color to this ravishing beauty. Her hair is charmingly styled in clusters of blonde ringlets around her face and gathered into one curled ponytail. From her iridescent sandals to her elaborate headdress and long rooted eyelashes, she's definitely the high priestess of fashion. For the adult collector, age 14 and over". Amazon: Barbie 1996 Collector Edition - The Great Eras Collection - Volume Seven - Grecian Goddess
    Aphrodite Barbie, "Second in the mystical series by designer Linda Kyaw, Barbie Doll as Aphrodite looks positively luminous in a fitted and flowing sea foam green and cream gown with incredible detailing. Shell-like accessories add to the doll's heavenly allure, as does fantastical face paint, rooted eyelashes, and gorgeous tendril-styled blond hair". Amazon: Barbie Exclusive 2009 GOLD Fantasy Series - APHRODITE
    Athena Barbie "Strong, capable, and wise, the goddess Athena allegedly leaped from the head of Zeus, already adult, dressed with her armor. Barbie® as Athena wears a stunning suit of golden armor including head piece, breast plate, boots, and shield. Beautiful and bold, she's a fashionable force to be reckoned with. Designed by Linda Kyaw". Amazon: Barbie Athena Doll Gold Label
    Medussa Barbie "Ancient myth and contemporary fashion combine to create a magical doll. Barbie doll as Medusa wears a green corset and chiffon fishtail skirt. Long, auburn curls play against the golden snake arm cuffs and necklace, which foretell the serpents that will become her hair". Amazon: Barbie Collector MEDUSA Doll
    Faerie Queen Redhead Barbie, Amazon: 2004 Legends of Ireland Faerie Queen Redhead Barbie Doll
     The Goddess of Beauty Barbie, Amazon: Goddess of Beauty Barbie
    The Queen of Hearts Barbie, "Curiouser and curiouser... Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts are on a whimsical fashion adventure in Wonderland! This fresh, modern take on the classic characters inspires unique accessories: Alice comes with a Cheshire cat; the Queen comes with a "flamingo" croquet mallet and "hedgehog" ball; the Mad Hatter has a teapot, cups, and saucers. Dolls cannot stand alone. Collect them all; each sold separately. Queen of Hearts Barbie measures 12". Amazon: Queen of Hearts Barbie

    For more on Historical Dolls:
    Collecting Historical Dolls by Mary Harrsch
    The Doll Genie

    Amazon Collections:
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