Friday, May 27, 2011

Alien's: Do You Believe?

Someone once told me that "the universe is just way to big for something else not to be alive out there". I have to agree and this video really could convert the non-believer into a believer. This one really got me but...a few of the clips in this movie have for sure with out a doubt been proven as fakes or or things.

For example the one with the three comets in the air that split into a triangle formation is a hoax. The video was debunked by the TV show "fact or fake" on SYFY channel. The show proved it to be night sky divers with LED lights on them it was exactly the same as the original video. It was later reported that the us air force team "golden knights" were practicing that exact night. They were doing practice sky dives that were mistaken for unidentified flying objects. What is hysterical is that when "Fact or Fake" did their reenactment the locals then began reporting another UFO sighting. The local news aired a clip of the reenactment and people adamantly refused to believe it was not a UFO.

The same show also blew up the one where it show Omar Mosque in Jerusalem Israel where the famed Mosque is it looks like a UFO flies down and hovers over it and then all of the sudden at break neck speeds the light takes off back where it came from. that one is also a fake and was proven to be an edited video. I just wanted to share this one because I thought it was fun and a bit different.


  1. Not really. I believe that they exist on their own planet, but they don't have the mental capacity to go into space. I believe they're sorta a parallel to us. They're probably all wondering if they're other lifeforms as well.

  2. Carole, I agree with you on that one. I think anything is alien to us it could be a bacteria or even a microbiological plant form too. Thanks for checking out my post.


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