Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tudor Women: Anne Boleyn or Someone Else?

This pretty Tudor hottie is officially unnamed but... I see a lot of Anne Boleyn in her or Catherine Howard maybe. What do you think?

Lovely Tudor Lady here was made with watercolor pencils, color pencils, and lastly a bit of ink to polish her off. I hope you all like her I must admit I did this one about 6 moths ago or maybe longer and had completely spaced on posting her.  You can also click on the image for the larger version.



  1. Very pretty, you have amazing talent!
    I thought of Elizabeth Grey, Lady Jane's mother, due to the furrowed eyebrows.

  2. She does look worried so perhaps she is Anne

  3. Anne, definitely Anne. The dark coloring, and the doe eyes I think would make a king swoon :)

    -Kate the Book Buff
    The Book Buff: Book Reviews for Regular People

  4. As usual Liz - awesome drawing! I think somewhat more Anne. I love seeing what you create.

  5. Lizzy I love her!! Definitely Boleyn...but there's something about her that reminds me of someone else as well..it doesn't come to me- but I'll let you know if it does!

    You did a fantastic job and I find that your art work is really recognizable- meaning I could pick out your work anywhere- it's authentically "Lizzy"- you have your trademark.
    (psst- coincidentally I also posted some art today-lol!)

  6. Marie, thank you I thought the eye brows gave her a lot more personality.

    Pricilla, LOL true that is why I thought of Anne also or Jane Grey if she would have had different clothes on because Jane would never have worn red unless she was forced into doing so.

    Kaitlyn, hehe you are right I have to admit that even though records say Anne was "swallow completion" she had to have been beautiful to draw Henry in. I think it had to have been in her DNA because Mary was said to have been beautiful too and just look at Princess Diana she is distantly related to her and she was beautiful also. That gives me an idea Mary Boleyn would make a good piece too.

    Heather, thank you and just wait I have a really cool post planned for one of my other styles I used to exclusively do. You will love it.

    Ms. Lucy, that is exactly how I felt it reminded me of not just Anne but someone else also and I just can not put my finger on it. Thank you Lucy I wanted to be something else for so long I finally gave up and when I did my own style came blaring through. I will for sure check it out!!!

    Allie, hehe I am glad you saw this one she is really well put together. You make a girl proud Allie!

  7. Gorgeous! That's definitely our Anne.

  8. Viola, I agree she sure has "come together" now that everyone agrees she is Anne. Funny too that she is catoonish.


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