Friday, July 17, 2015

Historical Fiction TV: Reign Season Two SPOILER ALERT!

A quick recap of Reign season two! Now I know that many of you history lovers can not stand this show because it is so far fetched that it really is not even remotely the same people anymore but I LOVE it! I have to share with you all what went down in season two.

Queen Mary & Prince Conde,
this is his WTH face.
In a nut shell Mary Queen of Scots and France was violated and absolutely refuses to let any man touch her especially Francis. This assaults leads Mary to have a affair with the handsome Louis Prince of Conde. This goes good for awhile and Francis allows the relationship to continue with his vowed protection only because he is holding out hope that after the affair Mary will return to him and love him once again. In the meantime Mary and Conde have made plans to escape to Scotland but that all gets ruined and Elizabeth I of England steps in with an offer of marriage to Conde. The offer came with conditions and Conde took the offer and was made to promise that he would dethrone Francis and take France for himself.

As many of you fans know nothing on Reign works out the way it is suppose to. Conde and Mary both end up betraying each other while a war is about to break out in France with Elizabeth I of England backing it. Mary's banished Lady in Waiting Greer is learning how to survive on her own with out the benefits of royal favor by becoming a madame at her own brothel. She finally gets the man she has always loved and sadly decides to keep her business over the man that loves her. Bash and Kenna are on the outs and still technically separated after the King of Navarre tried to come between them. Kenna and bash both find love in the most unusual of places. Following their hearts ends up leading them on a dangerous path that ends tragically and mysteriously, leaving Kenna pregnant and Bash on a witch hunt.

Dowager Queen Catherine de' Medici in the meantime has her hands full with Lord Narcisse all season and finds that even though she loves him she can not control his heart and his heart will always belong to Mary's once Lady in Waiting Lola. Love affairs aside Catherine will stop at nothing to protect France and that includes betraying her own children which at the end of the season earns her banishment and a audience with none other than ELIZABETH I! The suspense this season surrounding Elizabeth I was intense and leave it to TV to delay her appearance to as long as possible ... literally the last twenty seconds of the season. Check out the season two pictures below and tell me what you think. I once heard it say that the Reign characters are the barbie versions of the real people, what do you think?
Prince Conde & Queen Mary
Prince Conde & Queen Mary
Lord Narcisse
Princess Claude, Francis sister
Greer & Leith
Queen Mary & King Francis
Queen Mary & King Francis
Queen Elizabeth I of England

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