Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lizzy's O, Juliet

My my my, I loved this novel so much that it hit me like a lightning bolt of creativity. I furiously drew out the drafts for these as soon as I finished O, Juliet. Robin does not go into too much detail on Juliet's appearance. She wants you to let your own imagination become the guide. Robin I LOVED it and will more than likely reread it again.

As you can see the first image is Juliet up close. What I did was scan it into the computer first. Then before I down sized it I cut out some of the picture for the close ups. The full image is below. Below you will also find more up close images I thought were appealing.

I have come into a phase of accepting my art creations with the help of some very wonderful blogger and commentators. In my past I always wanted to be like other people. Making realistic art, dresses and women, more like the Pre-Rapaelites. I have accepted that it just is not meant to be and have finally felt like I have grown into my own artist skin. I lean more towards the comic book style with a romantic flare. I felt that I had to do something new with this novel but what? After some excellent cheer leading from Allie I decided to broaden my horizons and go bigger. Normally I am not so great with backgrounds or men but these pieces blew me away when I had finished.

Medium you ask? For the balcony scene I laid down a pencil draft first, then a second, and a third. After finally getting the dimensions down I did a really funky thing rather than erasing my pencil I did one more draft. These draft were made by me holding it to a window for the best light. With the vague draft I then did every last inch of it in water color pencil. Leaving as little white on the paper as necessary and not adding any black. Once it reached my satisfaction level I then went to the water. The trees and flowers were more like a wash. After it was done and dried I went onto pens. I broke out the micro point pens and filled in the details like the bark on the tree still not adding black I used mostly brown to give it more of a soft feel. Then I added the black in the few areas it needed it. The crazy part is I had to iron it upside down because it had wrinkled. I changed my paper because in the last few pieces you could see the texture of the paper. Viola it was done.

The last one it very unique to me because I hardly ever use charcoal anymore. I made the sketch in charcoal and just went with it. I still felt it needed more and I went on to test my photoshop skills. Figures when I scanned it in I added a filter to the picture of water color. I then edited the hue to give it a purple ting. I had downloaded some new brushed and added the pink curls. The font was fun I really like my stuff to be full of color and I think I achieved my goal with both of these pieces. The size of the balcony scene is 11x15 and the other is smaller maybe half the size.

Enjoy all!


  1. Lizzy, you have got to know how much I enjoy this post and how interested I, of all people, am with your work:) It's stunning! I so appreciate all the hard work you put into this- all the details and steps into perfecting it into your very own masterpiece. I too have learned to just accept my style- and in turn that's when you end up creating your best work.

    I absolutely LOVE the balcony scene! As for the charcoal, it used to be my favourite medium for the longest time- your piece is beautiful. Thanks for this splendid post:)

  2. I love your work.. it just resonates with creative juices.. and I really enjoy the pretty background as well. I waited and waited and waited for you to post this... just so you know!!
    I am not disappointed. And I was not expecting the charcoal piece.. how beautiful!!

    Really love the balcony scene the most... I love the flowers.

  3. These are just beautiful Lizzy! You are very talented and I am so glad you let go of your vision of yourself and accepted the artist you are :) I have a tiny bit of artist in me and sometimes work with charcoals, and maybe one day I will pick it up again. Lovely, just lovely!

  4. What talent! Love the close up of Romeo and Juliet looking at each other, and the charcoal is lovely. Great job :)

  5. Lizzy your art is breattaking! It's so fresh, so contempary I love it. Great post as usual.
    Thank-you for sharing a part of yourself with us.

  6. OMG Lizzy, this these are amazing! The colours and the design are just stunning! Oh, can't wait to read the book.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! I love your Juliet! I am working on accepting my inner artist too - I like charcoals, and I have learned I can't draw people - at all! Great job Lizzy!

  8. Oh, Lizzy, I cannot tell you how honored I am that O, JULIET inspired you to create such beautiful art. My personal favorite is the close up of Juliet. She has a look of determination about her that I hope came through in the book -- "This is the man I love, and I'll do ANYTHING to be with him."

    I also very much appreciate your sentiments about finding your own artistic path, not trying to be anybody but yourself. It's a hard one to come to, but absolutely essential if you're going to live happily (and not frustratingly) as a creative person.

    Thank you SO much!

  9. These are gorgeous Lizzy! You should be very proud of yourself.

    My sister and her daughter are artists and I have framed pastel and pencil drawings of theirs all over my house. For my 20th birthday, my sister drew me a poster board size pencil drawing of a little girl with a teddy bear...she looks like she's from the 18th/19th century. I have named the picture Claudia because if you could see this girl's face...the cunning under the innocence...you would think she was Anne Rice's Claudia too. Someday when I have a decent camera, I will take pics and post them so you can see them.

  10. Lucy, Thank you so much I swear if you would not have been so positive about my art from the beginning I might not have been brave enough to move forward and make more. I can not wait to see your work Lucy I imagine it is beautiful.

    Marie, I too love the flowers. I wanted it to be romantic and flowers always add that feel to it. Besides Juliet's hair the flowers were the best part. He he I know I was sneaky about the charcoal hu. It took everything I had to wait to post this I was dying to show it to you all.

    Arleigh, You do not surprise me. You are so creative I am not shocked that you do dabble in art too! I implore you to pick it up again talent changes just as people do and you just might surprise yourself now.

    Muse, thank you I always appreciate your sweet comments.

    Susie, I am so glad you like them, fresh is the perfect word for what I was trying to go for with them.

    Alaine, thank you I have missed seeing you around! You will die when you read the book I so so so LOVED it. To the point I was disappointed it was over.

    Dolleygurl, ooooh a charcoal lover too hu? I had no idea that so many people were into charcoal. It has never been my favorite but it is a great medium to work with. I love the blending of charcoal. People are the hardest for me, I have always struggled with the proportions of people.

    Robin, you always are my inspiration it is like I feed off of other peoples creativity. O, Juliet was so good I had to put what I saw in my mind to paper. I was trying to give her the determination of your Juliet with a hint of sadness. Romeo was the hardest, I hate doing men not my usual thing. I found it was hard to make him Romeo because as you know Romeo is Romeo and he has to be the PERFECTLY handsome man that women have swooned over for centuries. Pearly white teeth was my favorite description you gave of him because when that was stated I could just see his peals with a handsome sexy smirky lips smiling.

    No Robin thank you for writing such an amazing novel that opened the flood gates of creativity!

    Michelle I would love to see your sisters work I am a big supporter of other peoples work. I love seeing what other peoples creativity makes on paper. Everyone has their own uniqueness and that is what makes it so special. I also have a few other styles I do that I have not shared yet. I do pointillism, comic and children's art. Which brings me to...

    I have an announcement! Since I have started posting my work it has given me the confidence I need to actually put my work out there in the world. Thank you for with out your wonderful comments I would have never have thought my stuff was good enough for anything. My husband happened to find an ad in our local paper for... get this a children's book illustrator. Your guys overwhelming support with my art has really pushed me into doing more with it.

    I am going for the job! It is contract work and all is what I have to do is submit a picture of a little boy kissing his pet pig in whimsical style. I am nervous but I will kick myself if I do not go for it, I have to at least try. Would that not be cool to be a published children's illustrator? Exciting hu?

  11. Liz as you know I think these came out absolutely beautifully. Robin is right, the determination in Juliet's eyes is very key to your portrayal of her in your art as well as Robin's in her book. I LOVE them both and I like that you experimented with different styles for both of them; the flowers mirror those on the book, and the charcol gives such a unique old-school feel to the other drawing. I love Juliet's hair - wish mine looked like that!! You should SO go for the job and I'm so glad that your blog has given you so much confidence in your art. You deserve it!

  12. Allie, man I love you! You are so right about the determined look, Romeo I felt should have more of an endearing look about him because of Juliet's determination. I actually used the flowers on the cover as a guide for how I wanted them to feel like. The charcoal was a fun one to do I might get back into it again. I too wish I had her hair, red and flowing awh...we can wish right.

    I finished my first draft for the job and I am working on the final tonight. I am keeping my fingers crossed!


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