Sunday, January 24, 2010

Historically Obsessed Hits 200 Followers!

I can hardly believe it You all made this possible. In less than a year Historically Obsessed has come a long way from accidentally signing up for a blog just to follow another blog. I really have found my niche in this and I am loving it! Thank you for your interesting comments, positive feedback and just for everything that you have to add to the pool. With out you it would not be fun!


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  1. Congratulations! I just love your blog! Be sure to celebrate today =O)

  2. I knew it would go, well done, celebrate and enjoy!


  3. Congratulations, that's wonderful!

  4. Congrats Lizzy!! That is really awesome and a testament to how much you ROCK!

    PS - oh and that Elizabeth I button on your sidebar? You know I SO want to steal it! Did you make that - it's cool!

  5. Lizzy, we are all glad you're here!

  6. Awhhhhh, you guys melt my heart! I wish I could celebrate today but the kids have been super sick going on week 3 of this junk.

    I swear with out you guys this would not be fun!

    Amy I did make that, I actually put it up last night. It turned out pretty nice. I just love Elizabeth too!


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