Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today In History, Henry VII and Henry VIII

I really find this particular day in history very intriguing. For a few reasons one being that today January 28th 1457 King Henry VII was born. Then exactly 100 years later his son Henry VIII died on January 28th 1547. Weird fluke of fate or just a coincidence? I am not sure but either way it is kind of creepy. Maybe him and his father were more alike than they ever thought possible.

This was the only piece of art I could find with both of them together. In the back it is Henry VII with Elizabeth of York. In the front it is Henry VIII and Jane Seymour.
Happy birthday Henry VII


  1. Look at the difference between both Henry's - the son henry is HUGE compared to his father!

    I never realized the coincidence of this date - thanks for the info!

  2. There is certainly a stark contrast between the looks of father and son. H8 certainly took after his mother's side of the family (wasn't Edward IV reportedly quite tall?).

  3. LOL Amy you are so right he is a monster of a man compared to his father. Weird coincidence hu.

    Robin, yes Edward IV was reported to be something like over 6 foot tall but I imagine him tall and lanky for some reason. Henry it seems did take after his mother's side of the family and inherited his grandmothers nastiness (margaret B).

  4. Thank you for posting piece of art. It is quite interesting how different they are, and not just in looks either!

  5. Glad to see you enjoyed it Muse.


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