Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today In History, Louis XVI Makes the long walk to the Madame Guillotine

217 years ago today Louis XVI lost his life to madame guillotine at the hand of the French Revolutionist. He went to his death alone and brave. He was so close to making it that a motion to grant Louis reprieve from the death sentence was voted down; 310 deputies requested mercy, 380 voted for the execution of the death penalty. Such a slim margin and yet no mercy.

"As Louis mounted the scaffold he appeared dignified and resigned. He attempted a speech in which he reasserted his innocence and pardoned those responsible for his death. He declared himself willing to die and prayed that the people of France would be spared a similar fate."

For more on Louis's family:
The Fate of his Son Louis XVII
Marie Antoinette's Execution
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  1. Such a sad, sad story! Yes, he was ineffectual as a king, but he didn't deserve that at all. A sad day in French history, that's for sure.

  2. I had to do this post for him, people always forget about him and remember more his wife. It was not his fault it was everything combined it made him the bad guy the Scapegoat King.


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