Saturday, January 16, 2010

Michelle Moran, Nefertiti at Target

I have mentioned before that Target has a very small historical fiction section but it seems to me I have noticed that they pick the bread and butter of HF novels for their stores.

I received an email from Michelle Moran stating that Target has picked up her novel "Nefertiti". Cool Right? I had to share with all of you Michelle's news. If you read below there are some extra goodies. Congrats Michelle on your well deserved success, I am so going to buy this at Target.
"This week, Target unveiled their choice of NEFERTITI as their next Book Club Pick, and I could not be more excited!!!!!!
Because I've known about this for several months, it's been tremendously difficult to keep this under wraps, especially when Random House sent me the brand new cover. Target requested something a little more modern, with lots of gold and spectacular scenery. Few things are as evocative of ancient Egypt as its painted halls and temples. I think Crown's art department did a wonderful job.

Because of this unique opportunity, there are all sorts of extra goodies in the new Target paperback, including a "Dear Target Guest" letter at the front of the book which offers readers the opportunity to receive a free signed bookplate (offer limited to US residents only)!

Yes, in celebration of NEFERTITI becoming Target's Book Club pick, I am offering my readers signed NEFERTITI bookplates for as long as supplies last! Bookplates are stickers meant to be placed in the front of a book, and these are just beautiful"!


  1. Congrats Michelle you so deserve it. I have yet to read this one but I do love the cover. I am going to snatch it up next time I see it at Target.


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