Thursday, October 01, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Would you Lie?

Suggested by Monibo: Saw this article (from March) and thought it would make a good BTT confessional question:

Q: Two-thirds of Brits have lied about reading books they haven’t. Have you? Why? What book?

A: No I have not though I have considered it once for one book because I did not want to finish it but it ended really good so I am glad I stuck with my conscience.


  1. Why would you want to lie about reading a book? I really don't get that!
    I never lied about reading a book, if someone asked me if i read it and i didn't I would just say NO! :)

  2. So true, I almost lied. I entered some of my books I own on and I could not remember the book so I did not give it a rating but then I went back and opened the two books and realized I have not read them. Good thing I listed them as owned with no ratings.


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