Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sundays Art: The Capilla Real de Granada

The Capilla Real de Granada or Royal Chapel located in the city of Granada. Final resting place of King Ferdinand, Queen Isabella, Queen Juana and her husband Philip the handsome.

This photo is spectacular and beautiful. I can only imagine the emotions a person would feel standing with in this beautiful place. We can dream right? Someday I will be able to view it in person in all its splendor.


  1. Gorgeous photo, Lizzy. Andalusia is one of my top wish-list destinations ... I am dying to see every square inch of Granada, including the royal chapel and the Alhambra. A couple of years ago I took an amazing lecture series at the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in NYC on the architecture and culture of Andalusia during the Middle Ages and the Rennaisance. It really fed my hunger to visit the real thing!

  2. Breath taking! My fiance and I are currently deciding where (if!) to go for our honeymoon in May. Spain is a top contender.

  3. Wow. Thanks for sharing this amazing photo. I really like the angle of the picture.

  4. Leslie, I wish I could find classes or lectures like that around here but I have not had any luck so far. I have always wanted to go to Spain even before my obsession with historical fiction. I have heard wonderful things about it and want to go!

    Rosemary, go go go if you get the chance I would jump at the chance. Congrats on the honey moon where ever you go you will have fun no matter what.

    I chose this picture because I too love the angles, it is hard to capture something so magnificent.

    C.W. has been there himself and he confirmed it is beautiful to behold.

  5. For those who want to see a little more of Granada and the Alhambra, as well as Spain, I'm posting on my blog about my recent trip there. Just go to:

    Scroll down, to find various posts on Spain. Thanks again to Historically Obsessed for this marvelous feature on THE LAST QUEEN!

  6. oh I am all over it, you will see.


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