Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unread Owned Books TBR update

I feel I need to put this out there so I can put my mind at ease about my TBR (to be read) list. When I originally set up my TBR list I was a brand new blogger and did not really comprehend how the whole thing worked before it was too late to change it. I being the goofy goober I am picked out some books I owned but many of the books I had picked were not ones I owned. What made it worse was that I did not look to much into the novels I picked and I found out after the fact that many of them were non fiction, blah.

To date there are 16 books on the list and I have finished reading 6. I am calling it quits on the list and decided that for next years TBR list it will be compiled of only books I own. Until the new TBR opens I am keeping my own list and as I read them I will take them off. I am hoping to at least have a few finished finished off the list before the new year opens. If you would like to see my original TBR post from 3.17.2009 go here. Who knows if I can even finish all of my owned unread books with a list like this it might spill into 2011 for all I know. I promised my husband no more buying books until I read at least half of these books. Enjoy my insane list there are a few odd balls in there that might stir up some rukus.

Books Owned To Be Read

1. Hammer of Scots, Jean Plaidy
2. Red Rose of Anjou, Jean Plaidy
3. Indiscretions of the Queen, Jean Plaidy
4. The Courts of Love, Jean Plaidy
5. Goddess of the Green Room, Jean Plaidy
6. Williams Wife, Jean Plaidy
7. The Third George, Jean Plaidy
8. The Queen’s Confession, Victoria Holt aka Jean Plaidy
9. To Hold the Crown, Jean Plaidy
10. Lady in the Tower, Jean Plaidy
11. Mary Queen of France, Jean Plaidy
12. The Kings Grace, Anne Easter Smith
13. Rose for A Crown, Anne Easter Smith
14. Royal Harlot, Susan Holloway Scott
15. The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, Lauren Willig
16. The Mask of the Black Tulip, Lauren Willig
17. The Deception of the Emerald Ring, Lauren Willig
18. The Last Boleyn, Karen Harper
19. Twilight Tower, Karen Harper
20. The Poyson Garden, Karen Harper
21. Through A Glass Darkly, Karleen Koen
22. Dark Angels, Karleen Koen
23. Guenevere Queen of the Summer Country, Rosalind Miles
24. The Knight of the Sacred Lake, Rosalind Miles
25. The Child of the Holy Grail, Rosalind Miles
26. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
27. Persuasions, Jane Austen
28. Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen
29. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Lisa See
30. The Last Greatest Dance on Earth, Sandra Gulland
31. The Memoirs of Cleopatra, Margaret George
32. In the Shadow of the Sun King, Golden Keyes Parsons
33. Courtesan, Diane Haeger
34. Leonardo’s Swans, Karen Essex
35. The Tea Rose, Jennifer Donnelly
36. The Duchess of Milan, Michael Ennis
37. Elizabeth the Great, Elizabeth Jenkins
38. The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne
39. The Golden Nineties, Lisa Mason
40. We Two, Gillian Gill
41. Margaret Pole, Hazel Pierce
42. Ovid, The Poetry Library
43. Pandora, Anne Rice
44. Merrick, Anne Rice
45. Blood and Gold, Anne Rice
46. Black Wood Farm, Anne Rice
47. The Loves of Charles II by Jean Plaidy
48. The Many Lives & Secret Sorrows of Josephine B. by Sandra Gulland
49. Victoria Victorious by Jean Plaidy
50. Cassandra, Lost by Joanna Catherine Scott
51. Royal Road to Fotheringhay by Jean Plaidy
52. The Courts of Love by Jean Plaidy
53. Peoney in Love by Lisa See


  1. Well I know that list would certainly keep me busy for at least the next year...I don't know if I could promise my husband that I wouldn't buy more books though! lol

  2. That's quite some TBR list you're rocking, Liz! Your shelves must be caving in on themselves...just like mine! :)

  3. I love this challenge. Last October I promised my husband, daughter AND myself that I would not buy any books for one year. (That did not include books bought FOR me, like as in my BIRTHDAY and CHRISTMAS...just because I bought a few books for myself for my birthday... sigh ANYway.) And I made a pledge to read books I already owned. Which is A LOT. And I actually LOVED that I read several books I have had for YEARS. Feels good to get at that pile. I may join this challenge if they do it next year! :) great list! I LOVE historical fiction! (And CAPS apparently! :)

  4. The shelves are defiantly caving in on themselves. I will be busy for the next year for sure.

    I know I probably won't be able to keep my promise X-mas and B-days you know.

    The feeling of accomplishment is my goal on this list and hopefully I can stick to it.

  5. You have a great list. I've read quite a few of these books (especially Plaidy!) and I know you won't be disappointed in them.

    I long ago gave up promising myself not to buy/add more books to the TBR pile before finishing what I had, because I could never fulfill my promise! I was online just this morning buying Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel and Signora DaVinci by Robin Maxwell. I acquire much more rapidly than I can read!!

  6. I was inspired to put this together because of your pretty list of Plaidy novels.

    I know but it is more like a promise to myself. Good buys this morning though!

  7. Good luck with this one. It is something I struggle with all the time. My hand would go numb if I had to type all the unread books that I own...LOL

  8. I had to make the list so I would know what I was up against. I am a visual person and the list helped me get my game plan together.

    Thank you I will need all the luck I can get with this bad boy list.


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