Thursday, October 29, 2009

Animals Need Love Too, Adopt-A-Pet

If any of you are like me then furry animals have a special place in your heart. After recently reviewing my "cat hates you", I spoke of my sweet kitty who I adopted from my local no kill cat shelter and I feel it necessary to bring to light the fact that there are so many wonderful animals out there that need our help. is a really neat blog that is a nonprofit site that displays over 125,000 homeless animal shelters from nearly 8,000 animal shelters and humane societies across the country.

They try to post two times a week. Recently posting stories of 24 animals being saved and one woman's 23 trips to Iraq to save animals. They have tips on animals care, good places to get animal supplies, one post I found really interesting on how to introduce a new cat or kitten to your cats. They also recognize active community members by posting a Hero of the month features one outstanding animal rescuer. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook

I think if you are in the market for a new pet this would be an excellent place to start. Besides from all my years of owning and loving animals I have noticed that animals that have a history (shelter or rescue) have the most amazing personalities. I am grateful for all people who stand up and actively participate in animal rescue. If it would not have been for all the hard working rescuers out there I might not have my baby. He is the world to me and if someone would have not saved him as a kitten then we may never have found each other. Thank you Adopt-A-Pet I commend you on all your hard work and our furry friends appreciate it too!
"What is is the world's largest non-profit pet adoption website. We are like an ad agency for shelters and shelter pets. Sadly there are 4 million healthy adoptable companion animals killed in shelters each year due to overcrowding. We do our best to relieve that problem and put pets from shelters in the homes of pet seekers all over the country.

Our website makes it easy for anyone with an Internet connection to find profiles and pictures of adoptable animals by location, breed, gender, age, size, and color. Over 8,000 shelters posts pets on our website displaying over 125,000 pets available for adoption at any given time. We also help volunteers connect with shelters, and currently host over thousands of people listed in our volunteer database for shelters.
What Makes Unique:
- On our website, people can use something we call “Search Saver.” This feature will notify users by e-mail when a particular pet of their specifications in available for adoption. For example, I can tell “Search Saver” where I live, and what type of breed I am looking for. When that animal is available, I am notified the next time a pet matching my search is added on

- As of this summer we have now made it easy for our visitors to find pets and then recommend them to friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and other social applications. We are calling the idea “Social Petworking.” Here is how it works; once you have searched and found a pet in need, on the pet details page simply hover over the button labeled “SHARE,” there you can send the pet details page to any of your friends. For more information visit this page

- In addition to dogs and cats, we now feature all kinds of pets for adoption, including rabbits, farm animals, ferrets, hamsters and other small animals, horses, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and even fish. This was a major initiative that took many months to research and program into the site, and it is being well-received within the shelter community.

- By teaming up with the renowned street-artist Shepard Fairey, who designed the iconic Obama "Hope" image, we have available a number of stylish ways to promote pet adoption. Shepard was able to translate his work with Obama to an image that can be used to represent pet adoption support. Merchandise can be found at HYPERLINK ""

- We have begun blogging and created a Twitter Page along with a Facebook Page. Our blog is located at HYPERLINK "", there you can join our Facebook Group, or follow us on Twitter.

Blog Highlights: has recently begun blogging, and every week we publish posts from two separate columns. On Tuesday we blog about pet care tips, and on Fridays we do our best to find heartwarming stories about adopted pets all over the country. Here are a few highlights from our blog:
10 Ways To Help Homeless Pet, Even If You Can’t Adopt
What To Ask Your Veterinarian
Good News In Pet Adoption – A Weekly Post
10 Things To Consider Before Adopting

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