Friday, October 16, 2009

Book Review: MY CAT HATES YOU by Jim Edgar

I just had to do this because this book has been a constant in my life lately. I originally bought this book for my husband on his birthday as a joke. We have cat issues here and it took me 5 years to convince him to let me get a cat. He always said "NO CATS" but my daughter wore him down and we got a kitty. Sadly that sweet cat did not make it a year, he got really sick and passed away. I later by chance was giving a beautiful Siamese cat that we named Ninja.

Sometime after that I went to the cat adoption place where we got the first cat and this sweet baby cat grabbed my pant leg through the cage and my heart melted. I had to leave him there but my mind would not let him go. I broke my husband down and he told me "Go get Your Cat, just leave me alone". I brought him home and he has been my baby ever since.

We had a incident in the backyard late one night (I was asleep). One thing led to another and the cat got out, got into a fight with the dogs and my husband tried to break it up and in the process got bit by my baby. It was terrible my husbands hand blew up to 2 times the normal size. Lets just say he had to go to the ER the next day. When he got there they did an X-ray and the cat had broken a small bone in his hand. Not to mention he had to get a tetanus shot and have his hand all wrapped up. At one point it even had to be lanced to bring the swelling down. Poor husband attacked by a cat he never even wanted.

I got this for him to keep at his work desk to make him laugh anytime he was having a bad day. The book is compiled of funny pictures of cats doing crazy things. Lets just say it never made it to work and it is my daughters favorite book. If you ever want a good laugh pick this one up.

5/5 because it still makes me laugh every time I read it.

"More than 245 Sour-Faced Furballs Who Can't Stand the Sight of You
Before there were lol cats, there was Bad Cat. Now, in his first book since his #1 New York Times bestseller, Jim Edgar reveals what cats really think of you: not much.
Straight from his website, personal archives, victims' accounts, and anonymous underground sources, My Cat Hates You brings to light a conspiracy against mankind that reaches across the globe. Whether they're going fishing in the family fishbowl (or toilet), attempting to blast off to Mars when you aren't looking, mocking your taste in bed sheets, self-medicating with catnip, or hanging from the rafters ready to pounce, the delinquent cats within these pages can't conceal their contempt for you.
Keep this book out of reach of children and especially cats -- they don't need the encouragement."


  1. This looks so cute! My dad and stepmom are huge cat people - it might make a great Christmas present!

  2. I LOVE Bad Cat! I've given as a gift more times than I can remember. Hilarious stuff!

  3. Cool I am glad you guys like it I love it. My daughter always finds the funny ones for me.

    I want the calender of it. Hilarious!

  4. HAHA. Well, I tried to take it to work, and our daughter was having nothing of it. I wondered why it was sitting out in the garage the other night. ;)

  5. HEY S

    I see you have got your eye on me! I am glad you like it! Love that you actually posted a comment, thank you.

  6. Aw, hubby made it over to your site. I think it's cute when they check up on us. I was just looking through my Safari history trying to find this site and I noticed that Ron was checking up on me over at Hist-Fic Chick last night as well.

    This book looks so damn funny. I need to get it for my aunt, she is not "historically obsessed" like us, but "cat obsessed," and she treats her cats like they are her children!

  7. Me too I love my kitties, you know I do. LOL

  8. When we got married, my husband said, "No cats!" Poor man, I wore him down and eventually a six-month old Tabby made his way into the house. Followed by cat #2, cat #3.......and this year we got cat #4. Even I've reached my fur quota. But it's funny how much my husband loves the cats now.

    "Bad Cat" is a really cute book. I'll have to pick up "My Cat Hates You." I'd never heard of it before.

  9. We are just the opposite I had not heard of "Bad Cat". I want that one now.

    I know my husband was so against cats but one of them turned out to be his baby not mine. He wont even let me hold him, jerk!

  10. I love all these silly little cat books; they are too cute.

  11. This book completely proves the whole a cat chooses its owner not the other way around.

  12. Thanks for reviewing my book! It did not sell as well as Bad Cat did due to the recession hitting as it was coming out and my publisher fired just about everyone, including my publicist and editor.

    It can still be found at bookstores though :)

    - Jim Edgar

  13. Jim, what a pleasant surprise visit. I am honored to have you swing by and take notice of my review. Crazy but I did not hear about "Bad Cat" until I had already read "My Cat Hates You". I stumbled across it on Amazon and now I have both of them. They are great and that is so lame about the publisher letting everyone go. People try and tell me paper books are a dying industry and I can not believe them because I will never stop buying paper books ever. I hope you do make more of them I would buy them too!


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