Monday, October 19, 2009

Mary Queen of Scots Gets a New Voice

Mary has come to life again but this time she has a new set of pipes! Forrest came though once again and delivered the goods, aka Mary.

Leslie Carroll the sweetest author in the whole entire world wanted to jump in on this and recorded her own voice to be Mary's. She did an amazing job and it turned out perfect!

Thank you Leslie and Forrest for all the hard work and time you put into making this video possible. I love her!

Forrest recently has added some new Virtual Tours of the UK on his site, which are really cool it is like you are standing there!

Leslie also has a newer blog that she has been posting some really interesting topic's be sure to check it out too.

Today is also the last day to enter the Giveaway for Penndragon's Banner By Helen Hollick


  1. Aren't YOU a sweetheart, Lizzy!

    That's so much fun! I was really trying to find that balance between mostly French and a teensy bit of Scots, which is the accent she apparently had after returning to her native country and remaining there for a few years.

    Forrest did an amazing job with the animation!

  2. NO no NO! You are the sweetheart, you are too good to me! I love that it is you I would not have had it any other way! You did a perfect job, nailed Mary 100%.

    Forrest is so creative I swear he does some amazing things. His lady loves HF too!

  3. What a great little animation! Wonderfully inventive. Now you should do one that's longer. :)

  4. I know a longer one would be even better but it was a learning process for all of us and maybe we can do another one later. At least we know how to do it now and get it together. It was fun working with Leslie and Forrest on it.

  5. Hey thanks for all the positive comments but I really can't take much credit for it - the art was wonderful and the voice was perfect! I still don't know if Historic Scotland (I think it was) found their 'perfect voice for Mary' but I think we have a new contender!
    PS Thanks to Lizzy's Amazon list I will shortly be the proud owner of your book Leslie! Well my mum will on Christmas day anyway!
    Am more than happy to do any more.

  6. Forrest, Thank you for the visit! I think your mum will love it though it is nonfiction it does not read like one Leslie just has a gift.

    Let me know if they do find the Mary voice I have been trying to follow it but it is hard to fin the info on the progress.

  7. Wow -- thanks, Forrest! I hope your mum likes the book -- especially the chapter on Mary, Queen of Scots! And she gets more ink in NOTORIOUS ROYAL MARRIAGES, coming out in January.

    Thanks to both you and Lizzy for the compliments. It was a lot of fun to try to figure out how her accent might sound after being really a native French speaker and being back of Scottish soil for a couple of years.

  8. In my mind I could never visualize her voice but when I first heard this I though Leslie nailed it. I swear if I read anything with her in it again I am going to have you as her voice in my mind!

    The new book is going to be so juicy I can not wait!

  9. In a grumpy mood today! Turns out I missed a meeting where I would have been given a small group tour around the remains of David's Tower in Edinburgh Castle. This was the defensive strongpoint for the Castle for many years and its destruction basically signaled the end for Mary's biggest supporter in Scotland. If you ever go to Edinburgh Castle this is a real 'must see'. The Tower remains are inside the 'Half Moon Battery' which is the circular looking thing up to the left if you see a photo of the front of Edinburgh Castle from the drawbridge. Sir William Kirckaldy of Grange held the Castle until the tower was destroyed. He fought against Mary at one point but ended up her big supporter in Scotland.
    I wish someone would write about him! Fascinating character. Maybe Leslie can clear up any inaccuracies in this info?

  10. Man I would have been grumpy too! I would be pissed at myself.

    Hum, we are going to have to draw Leslie in on this one. I swear she is the expert on her.


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