Monday, September 21, 2009

Blog Award, Thank You Nikola

Nikola's Book Blog was kind enough to bestow me this really cool award. I love that he thinks my blog is the coolest! Thank you Nikola.

I would like to pass this onto some very special Bloggers:
Leslie Carroll, The Lady Novelist
Michelle Moran, History Buff
Susan Higginbotham, Medieval Woman

Be sure to check these blogs out they by far are the coolest blogs I know.


  1. Congrats Lizzy!!! Not only are your awardees awesome bloggers, but they're awesome authors as well!

    I *heart* your blog too!

  2. I figures it was time to give them the credit their blogs deserve.

    Your sweet Amy, I too *heart* your blog!

  3. Wow Susan I just got finished reading your post on Suffolk. What an amazing post, I had no idea he was so loving towards his family.

    You deserved the Award, I LOVE reading your posts. They are always so interesting and different.

  4. Thank you SO much!!!!!!!! This is such a fantastic blog - it's an honor to be a part of it :]

  5. I love your posts Michelle, archeology is a favorite of mine. Interesting topics.


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