Friday, September 11, 2009

100+ Followers, Thank You

I can not believe Historically Obsessed has come so far. I just knew there were other people out there who love Historical Fiction as much as me. I knew I was not crazy or weird.

Many of you probably do not know how I came about starting this but a long story short it all came together. I could not be more proud that you readers are interested in the posts I have created.

Followers thank you for sharing my obsession with me and here is a toast to you and the future posts. May You All Enjoy Them because I enjoy writing them.


  1. I am a huge lover of HF, and seeing you in my Followers when I log on each day there is always something new to add to my TBR.
    Stop by, I am having a giveaway for A Separate Country, a novel about Civil War General Hood's life after the war.

  2. Trust me fellow Elizabeth that I know you love HF, I have noticed you pick have read some of my favorites. I do though have to admit I am at fault because I do not like American HF, I just can not get into it. I did go though I love your blog, your Itsy store is way cool. I want to do one too, once I get prints made of my art.

  3. Congrats Lizzy! What an accomplishment!!! But seriously this blog is awesome so it was only a matter of time =)

  4. Congrats, lady! Here's to 100 more followers :-D

  5. NO thank you all, you made it possible and a success!

  6. I knew it were going to be good!

    A ton of followers is a grand waymark on the road to further success.



  7. Thank you Dave you are so right, I just never expected it to get this big for me. I am glad you are still checking in on me. I appreciate it!


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