Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Book Store Adventures In Portland

Hello All I just had to share that yesterday I went to a local used bookstore for the first time. Wow, I snagged some really good finds like Courts of love, My Enemy the Queen, The third George, Goddess of the Green Room, Indiscretions of the Queen, Hammer of Scots, Red Rose of Anjou, The Follies of the King, & William's Wife all by Jean Plaidy aka Victoria Holt. What is amazing is I got them all for a little less than twenty dollar. All though they are paper back and the really old covers some from the 70's. I still love them all! This is for all of you out there who can not afford to buy every new book that come out be sure and check your local used book store. It is like finding hidden treasure that you did not even know you were missing.


  1. I love thee finds! I thonk used bookstores are the absolute best!! And- you m'a dear have picked some of the finest books around:) I'm not so lucky here in MOntreal...

  2. he he I got lucky. They were only there because I had not been there. Now I feel an urge to go to every used book store I see.


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