Monday, June 08, 2009

Reading Young Adult Historical Fiction

Recently a girlfriend of mine asked me for help in finding a good historical fiction novel for a school report for her older daughter. I had a hard time finding a novel that was age appropriate for a young impressionable mind. With no avail, she settled on a reasonable book that was not very interesting to her, and as soon as it was over she went back to finishing Twilight.

I began a search for a novel that would be more to her liking when I came across a book named The Redheaded Princess by Anne Rinaldi. Which we all know could be the one and only redhead princess that later became Queen Elizabeth. Given the scandalous details of Henry VIII rein, I was curious as to how it would play out in the young adult world. It stuck my curiosity and I read the first chapter. I was thoroughly amazed at the way it opened to Elizabeth. Keeping to a view point of a young adult who's life experiences would shape her future.

This is Ann's first book on Tudor era her previous books had been more centered around American History, civil war era. This is for all of you out there looking to spark a interest in a historical fiction for a young adult reader. I sincerely hope that Anne will explore more of this time period with future books because as we all know the world will never have enough books. Visit Ann's site here


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