Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sundays Art: Marie Antoinette & The Storming of The Tuilleries

"The Tuilleries 20Th June 1792" By unknown artist. I love this painting for many reasons one of them being that there is much more than meets the eye. I would like to know more of the details but I have been unlucky in all attempts. I am really intrigued by the woman across the table in black with the endearing look. Why is she with the revolutionist but not wearing a single stitch of red and why are they all looking towards her like she has a plan? Any info would be wonderful!


  1. It is not that she is with the revolutionaries. It is a painting of the day that they stormed the Tuileries Palace. She has the red, white and blue cockade in her headdress, but she was forced to wear this. She hated it. Behind her is Madame Élisabeth, Louis XVI's sister, looking terrified, while Louis-Charles and Marie-Therese cling to her. Marie-Antoinette is looking defiant, as she has nothing to give to the revolutionaries, and she is trying to protect her children. The famous "Habsburg lip" is in evidence.

  2. Very good I do see the famous "habsburg" lip. I do wonder though who is that woman across the table in black and white. Why is she looking at them like that. It is like she is the one who set them up and feels guilty now that it is all going down.

    Thank you for the insight. I love this painting because of Marie's blatant defiant stance.

  3. I agree, it's a very interesting look between the queen and this woman. Perhaps she is wearing the cockade on the other side of her headdress? The look on her face is almost sympathetic, as if she realises Marie-Antoinette is just a mother trying to protect her children, that she is not the monster the libelles made her out to be. Poor Marie-Antoinette... she lived in such unfortunate times.

  4. I think it is that she has the finer clothing like Marie herself, similar style and same color. The part that throws me is that the rest of the mob there is no one dressed like the woman in black across the table.

    The look I agree is defiantly sympathy or maybe empathy not really sure what the difference is but she looks like she has a story and does not fit in there. The defiant look is directed at her completely. The look of daggers.

    Marie has always been so close to me in mind and heart she did just happen to be a victim of her environment.

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