Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Release, The Queen's Mistake: In the Court Of Henry VIII by Diane Haeger

Releasing on Paperback October 6Th 2009
Not a usual new hard back release but this one managed to slip by me in hardback. Diane Hager also wrote some must read books called The Secret Bride and The Perfect Royal Mistress. Since I enjoyed the other two titles I am positive this will be well worth the read.

When the young and beautiful Catherine Howard becomes the fifth wife of the fifty-year-old King Henry VIII, she seems to be on top of the world. Yet her reign is destined to be brief and heartbreaking, as she is forced to do battle with enemies far more powerful and calculating than she could have ever anticipated in a court where one wrong move could mean her undoing. Wanting only love, Catherine is compelled to deny her heart’s desire in favor of her family’s ambition. But in so doing, she unwittingly gives those who sought to bring her down a most effective weapon—her own romantic past.

The Queen’s Mistake is the tragic tale of one passionate and idealistic woman who struggles to negotiate the intrigue of the court and the yearnings of her heart.


  1. I've been looking forward to this one for awhile, Arleigh was hounding Diane to update her author website as she was not giving any clues till later in the game for who the book was about. :)
    We were like "Which Queen?" since all of Henry's queens could have been said to have made mistakes!

    I enjoyed Haeger's The Secret
    Bride, so I hope this one does not focus too much on all of Catherine's romps in the hay.

    Time will tell!

  2. I feel the same way about the romps in the hay. I want it to be more about Jane Rochford and Henry. I loved the secret bride too. I can not wait to see how Tudors handles Catherine because it is almost getting to that point of where Catherine goes astray. It will be interesting.

  3. this was a great book. i have read the secret bride ,and also the courtesan and i have loved them all! i look forward to reading her other books!

  4. I am behind a bit I have yet to read courtesan and this one. I actually own courtesan and have it on my TBR list I have heard really good things about it.


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