Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sundays Art: Tudor's Jonathan Rhys Meyers

I had to do this, I found this by chance he he. I remember a post by Amy of Passages of the Past where it had come up of "how could anyone hate this man". Point very well taken Amy. I am a avid Tudor's fan and I have noticed the changes they have done in the most recent episodes of how he is suppose to be mean old Henry. When Anne was executed he was colorful and towards her end he had a slight mow hawk of defiance. He is currently sporting longer slicked back hair and wears all black. Like that is going to make him mean. He is still hott and yes the show is scandalous but that is what makes it Tudor's.


  1. I think he is oh so attractive too! I haven't gotten to see anything past season 1 but I am working on it. I love the series.

  2. Yowza! I may have to start watching this series...he looks so yummy!

  3. No kidding, if Henry really looked like that I would have had some issues at court too, & probably would have lost my head like Anne.


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