Friday, March 05, 2010

The Lost book: The Private World of Georgette Heyer by Jane Aiken Hodge

This pretty thing I happened to come across in an online library search and had it shipped from another library. I have to admit that even before I thumbed through it I knew I had to buy it period. I now have thumbed through the book and it is like the Georgette Heyer bible. It has everything from pictures of her from the 1920's before she got married. She was a beautiful woman. My mouth fell open and I was shocked to see photo's of her "work books".

It is amazing one is a whole book laying on the table with it open and it has two full pages of pictures, hand drawn, pictures of hats and bonnet's. Her notes on the side, priceless scribbles that become quotes from her books. This is a must have book for any Georgette Heyer lover. If you can not buy it I implore you to request it from the library.

Inside Jacket
"Georgette Heyer lived in a private world, and created one. A best seller for fifty years, with 57 titles, she never made a public appearance and never gave an interview, maintaining always that her private life was her own, her books the publics concern.

It was only after her death in 1974 the her fans learned she was really Mrs Ronaald Rougier, wife of a QC. Now, almost ten years later, her family have given Jane Aiken Hodge access to the research material that gave some of their quality to her stylish novels of Regency life. Her publishers have opened their files to reveal a formidable, positive person, with strong views and a great sense of style. More than most women, Georgette Heyer made for herself the life she wanted, a civilized oasis in a world she disliked. She created a world of manners and morals where laughter is the great corrective and healer. Lawyers and journalist, dons and generals turn to her escape, along with legions of her grateful readers.

Lavishly illustrated from Georgette Heyer's own research files, her family archives and from Regency sources, and enlivened by extracts from her letters and the books themselves, this affectionate life should delight her old fans and attract many new ones."

Product Description

"The classic biography of Georgette Heyer is, finally, back in print and will delight Heyer fans everywhere.
Lavishly illustrated, and with extracts from her correspondence and references to her work, The Private World reveals a formidable and energetic woman with an impeccable sense of style and above all, a love for all things Regency. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title."

I have also come across this lovely which comes out 8.1.2010 and if I am not mistaken it is relatively similar to "The Private World of Georgette Heyer". Both books have taken my interest and I think that others might find them very appealing also.

"Georgette Heyer fans will delight in Jennifer Kloester’s definitive guide to her Regency world: the people, the shops, clubs and towns they frequented, the parties and seasons they celebrated, how they ate, drank, dressed, socialized, voted, shopped and drove. A fun read for any Heyer fan. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title."

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  1. Oooohhh I want it! I posted about the 2nd book the other day, but now I want both of them. I'd love to get to know the master behind those magnificent books!

    Off to add it to my wishlist!

    Thanks Lizzy!

  2. I want both of these!! Lizzy- I gotta get'em. Thanks for posting this!

  3. I read the Hodge book quite a few years ago - it's a wonderful read so I'm glad to hear it's back in print.

  4. Amy you will love it, it was like opening a window into Georgette's mind and her logic. How she knew so much I will never understand

    Lucy, oh man after reading your post last night about the review journal I have to say that the pictures of G.H. journals are to die for. Almost exactly like the challenge. It was cool to see her little tid bits that I really struggled in returning it back to the library. I did not want to take it back it was that unique.

    Miss Moppet, you know then how cool this book is. It took me some time to find it an Amazon but it was an older version and there are a few other versions out there. I want my own copy.

  5. I will have to look for both of these books. They should both give great insight into the Regency time period and her works.

  6. LibraryPat the brief thumb through I gave it gave me a whole new insight on her. A worthy read.

  7. Hi!
    I have an award for you at my place. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  8. aWH thank you Sherrie it is a pretty one!

  9. A couple of years ago I got to hear Jennifer Kloesters speak at the Melbourne Writers Festival. She was really entertaining, and was able to share quite a few titbits about Georgette Heyer. She did take about working on something else about Heyer but I can't remember any of the details.

  10. OOOh Marg that would have been phenomenal. I bet that was fun. I will have to just keep a keen eye out for her maybe she has something else up her sleeve too. Thank you for sharing Marg.


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