Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Book Review Journal Challenge: Lizzy's Review Art

I love Lucy from Enchanted by Josephine for finding this one. I know I said "NO MORE CHALLENGES THIS YEAR" but what the heck was I to do? This is so perfect for me since I make stuff for my reads, I must jump in on it.

Roberta is proposing an ART JOURNAL for reading and reviews!! She calls it:

This is the button for Roberta’s Art Reviewing Journal Challenge to place on your sidebar with link back to her-once you’ve joined at her site.

So after reading this post I went to work and doodled a little something to go into my review journal. It is for my current read "The Greatest Knight" by Elizabeth Chadwick keep in mind it is a doodle and it took me a whole whopping 15 minutes to make it: so nothing too spectacular. Maybe I will go back and make a bigger version of it in color but who knows.footer sig


  1. A whole 15 min! That would take me quite a bit longer and I doubt it would look as good lol. When I first saw the picture (without reading what it was supposed to be) I thought of Chadwick's "The Scarlet Lion"...I was close :)

    This is a really neat idea!

  2. Wow Lizzy...that is wonderful...I couldn't sketch that well if I had 15 hours...fabulous :D So glad that you are joing us on the challenge...I'm off to add you to my blog/sidebar...woo hoo! Can't wait to see more of your journal, fondly, Roberta

  3. Oh Muse you always are so dang funny. I am reading Scarlet Lion now and loving it. I agree neat idea.

    I do have a confession that I LOVE horses and some of my best work is horses. I rode as a kid and I think spending so much time with them made me memorize every muscle and bone in the body.

    Roberta nice to see you came for a visit. You might not sketch but you make some of the most beautiful things. I LOVE the graphic for the challenge and if you made that you have me in awh of your skills.

    I too can not wait to share my journal as it progresses. I think I want to do Isabelle from The Greatest Knight and Scarlet Lion. I imagine her so pretty braids and all.

  4. I probably couldn't have done that if I really, really tried!

  5. Lizzy!!!!!!!!!! I'm soo happy you're on board- and how can you not be; this, like you said, is sooo YOU!

    I LOVE that illustration! 15 min? Girl- you are so talented:)

    As for me...you know my scanner story...but I have started doodling:)

  6. Heather it is something that reading does to me I see it in my mind and just see clips that I can not get out of my head until I put them to paper. This crazy enough is pen no erasing at all. If I just go with it, it comes. I am glad you like it.

    Lucy your scanner I swear I tried to find anything to help and could find nothing on your model. Thank you so so so much for the heads up on this wonderful challenge.

  7. 15 minutes?? Wow, you have some talent! I used to draw but I haven't since I became a mom and now have turned my interests to writing. Keeping a journal is such a great idea and I like that you draw scenes from books. I remember when I was reading Harry Potter and really into the characters there was a girl who drew scenes and they were amazing drawings. My drawings were always a copy from something real... not good at imagining them, but you sure are!

  8. Arleigh that is so cool about the Harry Potter books. Thank you for the wonderful compliment you are sweet to me. I love the positive feed back it just makes me want to work harder on it and do more.

  9. Very nice Lizzy! You have true talent.

    I'm debating on doing this challenge. I sure can't draw a lick, but I can cut and paste like the dickens...LOL!

  10. Michelle you have me LOL that is too funny. I like it that you are thinking outside the box and then are going to cut and paste it! I like you thinking.

    Roberta made the art piece for the challenge by cutting and pasting and it is beautiful. I still am in awh of it when I see it, very unique.


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