Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Historically Obsessed!

It is official Historically Obsessed is one year old as of today. I have more than ejoyed this past year. I have made some of the most wonderful friends and I would not take the past year back for anything in the world. Thank you all for a amazing first year.Up there WTH (What the Hell) is she talking about? I have noticed that in posting all of the wonderful historical things that I love it has become a bit cluttered on the blog and dang hard to find things. To make it more efficient and friendlier for users I decided to add PAGES. Yes pages, look up there below the header, see the row of links? Those links are made just for you. I also completely updated the upcoming HF book releases so be sure and check them all out.
A compiled list of every single one of my all time favorite posts. That could be anything from art to history or even a bit of both. 
Places and Times
Use my labels to search posts by time period or location, either way it has some really pretty pictures to check out.
One of my favorites, Historical Fiction Bloggers Round Table. This past year I was lucky enough to be able to work with some really special ladies in creating this wonderful group of historical fiction lovers. We have a monthly book that we feature and it tends to be the cream of the HF crop. Only books that we have been dying to read are picked. I have a list of past events with links to my feature posts. Plus more but you are just going to have to check it out to get the full down low on it
Today in History
A link list of every single "Today In History " post done to date. I actually put in the dates of the events so it is fun to see if anything is on your birthday. 
Sundays Art
Another wonderful list of every post that has been for "Sundays Art". The fun part about Sundays art is that some bloggers take weekends off and I have noticed there was not too much to read on Sundays. I figured what a wonderful way to feature creative works of art. Typically it is fine art but it can be anything from creative writing, physically crafty things, or just plain artistic stuff. I have noticed that you have been really loving the Pre-Raphaelites and the hidden symbolism and do not fret I have so so many in store for you. Eventually this summer I will be going to the dark side of the Pre-Raphaelites. Exploring some of the more sinister pieces.
This page feature my original art work. It is yet another link list to all of the art works I have posted. It also has some of the pictures which enables you to cherry pick which ones you would like to read more about.
Book Reviews
A full alphabetical list of books I have reviewed and a link to how I rate my reads by the Muse Rating System. My current review requirements with contact info and a list of the author interviews I have done which sadly is not that many.
As many of you have noticed I added the beautiful "Elizabeth" graphic that I made in Photoshop recently. I fell in love with it so much that I decided to work together with Allie from "Hist-Fic Chick" and make a whole bunch of them. Featuring real historical quotes with the character from the movies. Thank you Allie it has been a blast and be sure and check out Allie's post on the quote graphics I am sure she has something that you did not see here.
I just love these beautiful "Quote Cards" but I am sorry to say that I will not be sharing these ones because I made these so that my blog will have it own original graphics that displays my abilities as a designer. Thank you for the undying support and here is to another wonderful year of being "Historically Obsessed!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lizzy and Historically Obsessed!!!

    I LOVE the new graphics...great job Lizzy and Allie! You know you better make one with Josephine for Lucy ;-)

    I too am working on organizing better with the new pages function...I like the way you did yours!

    I love ya Lizzy and am sooo glad that we met! You are an amazing woman and friend!


  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    Love the graphics!!! Love your blog, too! :)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Historically Obsessed! Time goes by fast, doesn't it?

    It's been a great year and I wish you tonsss of blogging success =)

    And great job on the re-organizing! I think the new links/pages on top will be really helpful.

    Have a great day =)

  4. Awhhhhh Amy you are going to make me cry! There is nothing better than having good friends that really "get" you as a human being and I am so lucky to have found you as a kindred spirit and fellow HF junkie. Amy you are going to have to do pages I could just imagine you have so many posts and followers it is like in the last 6 months your place explode and I so know what you mean.

    Love ya too Amy!

    Robin Thank you I am glad you like but you have good taste too! I like your stuff too especially your banner Leighton was such an amazing artist.

  5. Happy birthday Historically Obsessed and Lizzy! Your blog has been fun and inspiring all this time that I've been a follower! I JUST LOVE your Quote Graphics, you really have an amazing talent and creativity. I wish you many more happy and fun blogging moments!

  6. A big Happy Birthday to Historically Obsessed!!!

    Since I found your blog I have thoroughly enjoyed it and reading all your opinions on anything HF! Its so great to have a fun HF buddy :)

    The pages are great, I really need to organize mine a bit better too. Keep up the awesome work! (that should not be hard for you)!!! :)

  7. Happy Bloggy B-Day!! I love what you did with the pages! I love navigating yours ite- and this will make it that much easier:) The Quotes are fantastic- of course I adore Marie Antoinette's- it's precious indeed. Love it fraphics and all, Lizzy- Keep up the great work!
    Hugs, xoxo,

  8. Happy blogoversary! I love the new organization and beautiful graphics. So glad to have become friends with you and spend most of your first blog year together. Best wishes in the year to come!

  9. Congratulations on reaching a year. I have only just started following but i really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work ladies.

  10. Happy First Birthday. You share the birthday with my husband, however he is a bit more than 1. I have enjoyed visiting your site since finding it several months ago. I look forward to the next year.

  11. Loving all the stylish stuff you've got going on.. and I am so thankful to have formed our own group where we can dish about the best HF Books ever!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday to Historically Obsessed, it's been fabulous!
    Look forward to sooo many more!

  12. Happy Birthday Historically Obsessed! I'm so glad I found you!!! Such a wonderful blog. =O)

    Love the quote cards too!

  13. Happy birthday - wishing the blog many happy returns!

    I love those quotes!

  14. 4everQueen, I get the inspiration to push harder and do more because of the positively wonderful comments like yours and the others.

    Muse you...I swear you do me too well. You make me blush. Thank you!

    WEll Well Ms. Lucy so so happy you swung by. I owe you a Josephine if you have a quote or something.

    Dolleygurl the best year to come right? I have enjoyed your insight. You always surprise me with your stance, you make me think more which I enjoy.

    Bookventures, Thank you and I enjoy having you reading and following. With out the followers a blog is nothing and it is like opening a discussion. Always there is more to be seen and I love a good round.

    Librarypat, I swear it is that time I have 2 family member who have their b day that week. I look forward to bringing more. I have some great giveawaySSSS for April lined up.

    Marie, A toast is in order to the new venture! I am loving it too and I can not wait and THANK YOU!

    Michelle and Miss Moppet, I am so glad you both found me too! Knwing I am not alone in my obsesseion with history makes it all so much more better. For a long time I thought I was alone in a HF bubble. Not anymore I love sharing my thoughts on books and other history related things. I enjoy sharing.

    Here is to another fabulous year!

  15. Everything looks amazing and the graphics are gorgeous!

  16. Happy Belated Birthday! The quote cards are truly lovely. I admire your ever did you find the time to make them? Keep up the great posting!

  17. Thank you Arleigh, I knew you would love them. I worked so hard on them I thought they would never get done.

    Nicchic, Thank you! I have been secretly working on them since January and once I got one down it got easier as I went along. The first one was the hardest but I just worked on them a little bit at a time like one a week for a few months. I love them and I think they were so worth the hard work.


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