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HFBRT Special Edition Sundays Art, Edmund Leighton

HFBRT event post time is so exciting I love it. This one is just a give in for me and what I tend to like. I found that during reading "The Greatest Knight" and "The Scarlet Lion" by Elizabeth Chadwick that in my mind I pictured nothing but these famous works of art. In picturing these I had more of a feel of what the times were like during my reads and it enabled me to visualize everything much more clearer.

Edmund Leighton:
English Painter Victorian Neo-classicism 1853-1922
"Leighton was the son of the artist Charles Blair Leighton. He was educated at University College School, before becoming a student at the Royal Academy Schools. He married Katherine Nash in 1885 and they went on to have a son and daughter. He exhibited annually at the Royal Academy from 1878 to 1920.
Leighton was a fastidious craftsman, producing highly-finished, decorative pictures. It would appear that he left no diaries, and though he exhibited at the Royal Academy for over forty years, he was never an Academician or an Associate".

"Stitching the Standard" year?

"Lady Godiva" 1892

"In time of Peril" 1897

"God Speed!" 1900

"The Accolade" 1901

"Alain Chartier" 1903

"A little prince likely in time to bless a royal throne" 1904

Now here is the hard part tell me which one is your favorite? I find it hard to pick just one but if I had to I would say that "The Accolade" has always been the front runner in my heart with "Lady Godiva" trailing not that far behind.

Be sure and click on the image above to go to the Historical Fiction Bloggers Round Table website to enter the giveaway for your chance to win a copy of the "Greatest Knight" and "The Scarlet Lion". I know WOW a chance to win both copies that is amazing, so just go you know you want to!
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  1. Totally gorgeous! I have always loved The Accolade!

  2. My favourite is 'God Speed' because the boundary between the two worlds is so cleverly defined: the safe world within the castle where the roses ramble around the doorway and where all is feminine and calm, and then away, beyond the portcullis, the world of soldiers and warfare, of danger and going forth. The red scarf is a link between the two, so the knight will not forget what he is fighting for. It is quite simply sublime and conjours up so many thoughts and meditaions of what might be going on in the minds of the two main figures, the knight and his lady, at such an important moment in their lives.

  3. I really like Stitching the Standard - I love the clarity of the image and I could totally picture Isabelle sitting there waiting for William. Thanks!

  4. The Accolade has always been my favorite; had it on my college dorm wall. I'm curious if "In Time of Peril" and "A little prince..." were based on any historical people?

  5. I have always loved "The Accolade" with "God Speed" as a close second :)

  6. Alain Chartier is my absolute favourite! Look at those dreamy colours..fantasy and romance all the way:) Thanks Lizzy- splendid!

  7. Love all these paintings, and as far as the setting for The Greatest Knight goes, God Speed is my favorite.
    I would love to know the stories and history behind the other paintings, there is a lot going on there.

  8. I like STITCHING THE STANDARD. It is elegant in its simplicity.
    My second favorite would be GOD SPEED. It is touching, especially for those of us who have sent our loved ones off to battle.
    Would love to know the stories behind these pictures. Is the clothing accurate to the time period?

  9. I have to say the one with Lady Godiva, because she's my muse. In the portrait Leofric has just told her what she'd have to do to relieve the townspeople of the high taxes and she's contemplating it.

  10. Fabulous post Lizzy!

    There are a few here that I've never seen. I have always loved GOD SPEED and now my 2nd favorite is ALAIN CHARTIER. I really like the colors in the latter one.

  11. Carrie, I know is she not just beautiful? The hair, the sunlight, the devoted knight awh it is just so romantic.

    Robert, I just knew you would have wonderful input. I never noticed the scarf before and now that I read what you said, you are so right. I love the tenderness she shows him.

    dolleygurl, I tried so hard to find the year it was made but to no luck. I pictured Isabelle too when I first saw it.

    Robinbird, I was trying to find that out and my instincts tell me yes it is made for specific people but I could not find out who.

    Muse my second favorite is Lady Godiva because of her to die for hair and that dress with that beautiful belt. As for emotion I would say "Accolade" then "God Speed". I really like the ones with the young princes. I would like to know who that young prince is meant to be if any one.

    Lucy, I knew you would love that one you are such a colorful person. I think it is pretty for the colors are so rich and inviting. It so reminded me of a preview I just saw on my kids new movie, the Disney movie, "Princess and the Frog". You know how they show upcoming movies that are coming out? Well they showed a very very short clip of what their next movie is going to be that is coming this fall. It was a tower and I think it is going to Rapunzel. Alain Chartier kind of had the same feel as the movie.

    Marie, I agree and I had a really hard time finding a book specifically about these works. I am on the wait list for a book that features these. Maybe once I get my hands on it I will go back and give the people and the meanings.

    LibraryPat, After reading The Greatest Knight and the impeccable details Chadwick gives in regard to the clothing I would have to say yes it is pretty dang accurate. I am going to have to check into these more. Or maybe in list the help of my sister who has a masters in fine art from OSU. Just maybe I can get her to point me in the right direction.

    Areligh, I added that one just for you I knew you would have something to add about her. Very interesting now that I look at it she does look deep in pondering thought, rubbing her hair.

    Amy, The gold and summer feel in that one is so magnetic, it is like you can feel the warm sunshine during that day.

    I am pleased to see that this sparks all of your interests. I just love art like this, especially when it is at its finest.

  12. I really love the 'Victorian medieval' look too and they are part of the background visual inspiration when I'm writing - so you picked up on that vibe!
    It might interest you to know that the UK jacket of THE TIME OF SINGING was actually based on Stitching The Standard - at my request. It suited the story line - heroine a keen seamstress waiting in the castle for her lord to return and working on his banner.

    All best

  13. Liz, I LOVE these!!

    In fact, I own posters of about half of the images you posted ... you know I'm a complete Pre-Raphaelite geek.

  14. Elizabeth, It a pleasure to see that you came by for a visit. I bet The Time of Singing will be to die for beautiful. I heard that is has more of delicious William in it and I can not wait to read it! Thank you for the visit it is greatly appreciated.

    Leslie, So so nice to see you are back. I was beginning to wonder. I knew you would love these ones too. I wish I could find posters of them and I am a geek right along with you!

  15. I can totally see why these images would flash through your mind as you read TGK and TSL! Some of these would make perfect book covers!!

  16. I know they are beautiful and I would love them as book covers. I can not wait for her next release where the Stitching the Standard was the inspiration.


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