Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mailbox Mondays and The Red Queen Winner

From close friend Brandy for My B-day,

Jean Plaidy The Queen of Diamonds

The Queen of Diamonds"The affair of the Diamond Necklace shook the throne of France and, some say, precipitated the French Revolution and so helped to bring Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to the guillotine. But why did these fantastic and ultimately sensational events fail so neatly into place? Why should a prince of the Royal House of France become so credulous and without question play the almost incredible part prepared for him? Why was an ambitious and predatory woman allowed to steal that famous piece of jewelery that represented a fortune? Who were the secret instigators of the plot?

In this novel Jean Plaidy offers one solution to an historical mystery, the motives behind which have long puzzled students and amateur detectives of history".

Hardcover, 256 pages Published December 31st 1995 by Robert Hale Ltd (first published December 31st 1958) ISBN 0709057695 (ISBN13: 9780709057697)

Original title, The Queen of Diamonds, Amazon Paperback

Thank you Brandy for the to die for birthday present when it showed up in the mail I could not help but cry because I love it so much and it just is so special to me.

From Publishers,
The Forever Queen Helen Hollick
The Forever Queen: Sometimes, a desperate kingdom is in need of one great woman"Helen Hollick has it all. She tells a great story" -Bernard Cornwell
Married to a king incompetent both on the throne and in bed, Emma does not love her husband. But she does love England. Even as her husband fails, Emma vows to protect her people-no matter what. For five decades, through love and loss, prosperity and exile, Emma fights for England, becoming the only woman to have been anointed, crowned, and reigning queen to two different kings, the mother of two more, and the great aunt of William the Conqueror.
Praise for Helen Hollick:
"Helen Hollick has a powerful talent for bringing the past vividly to life." -Elizabeth Chadwick
"If only all historical fiction could be this good." -Historical Novels Review
"Hollick juggles a large cast of characters and a blood, tangled plot with great skill." -Publishers Weekly

The Red Queen: A Novel (The Cousins' War)Finally The Winner of The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory is....

I hope you enjoy the read and congrats! 

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  1. What an AWESOME present!!! That friend is a keeper for sure!

    I also received The Forever Queen by Hollick and am super excited to finally read it!

    Congrats Lisa!!

    Have a great week Liz!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this when I read it a while ago. I am glad to see that Sourcebooks are rereleasing it!

  3. Amy, thank you and I can not wait to read it. I am looking forward to reading both of them. I hope you had a good weekend too I spent mine unpacking the last of the boxes left over from the move.

    Marg, I was so happy to get offer it I had to jump on it and her story sounds really good and since I have not read on her before it will be really good I just know it. It makes me feel so much better knowing you enjoyed it.

  4. Congratulations, Lisa. Enjoy The Red Queen.

    Isn't it wonderful to have such special friends who know exactly what to get you for a gift. It will be all the better a read for it. Sounds like a book I'll have to check on.
    A belated Happy Birthday.

  5. Librarypat, Yes congrats again Lisa.

    It is wonderful to have people who just get you in this life I am lucky to have made such wonderful friends who care so much. Thank you it was a good birthday this year.


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