Sunday, August 08, 2010

Mailbox Monday

To Defy A King by Elizabeth Chadwick sent to me from Marg at historical Tapestry.
Thank you Marg I love it and will cherish it forever. I can not wait to get through the arc's so I can pounce on it. 
To Defy a King "A story of huge emotional power set against the road to Magna Carta and the fight to bring a tyrant king to heel. The privileged daughter of one of the most powerful men in England, Mahelt Marshal's life changes dramatically when her father is suspected by King John. Her brothers become hostages and Mahelt is married to Hugh Bigod, heir to the earldom of Norfolk. Adapting to her new life is hard, but Mahelt comes to love Hugh deeply; however, defying her father-in-law brings disgrace and heartbreak. When King John sets out to subdue the Bigods, Mahelt faces a heartbreaking battle, fearing neither she, nor her marriage, is likely to survive the outcome ..."

In the Shadow of the Crown by Jean Plaidy from PBS. This is the last book I needed to complete my Jean Plaidy Queens of England series.
In the Shadow of the Crown: The Tudor Queens"As Henry VIII's only child, the future seemed golden for Princess Mary. She was the daughter of Henry's first queen, Katharine of Aragon, and was heir presumptive to the throne of England. Red-haired like her father, she was also intelligent and deeply religious like her staunchly Catholic mother. But her father's ill-fated love for Anne Boleyn would shatter Mary's life forever. The father who had once adored her was now intent on having a male heir at all costs. He divorced her mother and, at the age of twelve, Mary was banished from her father’s presence, stripped of her royal title, and replaced by his other children--first Elizabeth, then Edward. Worst of all, she never saw her beloved mother again; Katharine was exiled too, and died soon after. Lonely and miserable, Mary turned for comfort to the religion that had sustained her mother.

In a stroke of fate, however, Henry's much-longed-for son died in his teens, leaving Mary the legitimate heir to the throne. It was, she felt, a sign from God--proof that England should return to the Catholic Church. Swayed by fanatical advisers and her own religious fervor, Mary made horrific examples of those who failed to embrace the Church, earning her the immortal nickname "Bloody Mary." She was married only once, to her Spanish cousin Philip II--a loveless and childless marriage that brought her to the edge of madness.

With In the Shadow of the Crown, Jean Plaidy brings to life the dark story of a queen whose road to the throne was paved with sorrow". 

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful read...I am reading one of Jean Plaidy's other books, The Plantagenet Prelude. She was really a great author!


  2. Lisa, I love Plaidy she is one of the best. You are reading one I have not been able to get to yet. I hope it is good Plaidy just has a gift for making sense of history.

  3. Look forward to hearing what you think of the Chadwick. I loved it! And you are welcome.

  4. I too love Plaidy but Weir is a new author to me.

  5. Boy that Marg is awesome, isn't she?! You and I should do a read-together for To Defy a King...I'll send you an email to see if we can time it just right :)

    I read that Plaidy a while ago and really enjoyed it, as I do all of hers!

    Have a good week chickie!

  6. You got some great books this week. Congrats. I hope you enjoy them all : )

  7. I'll make sure to keep reading. This is a very interesting blog and a gorgeous design. I love your background!

    I think you might also be interested in my blog, so here's the link:

  8. Marg, I have been dying to read it. It is taking all of my reserve will power not to pounce on it. Thank you so so much for sending it to me I absolutely will love it forever.

    Mystica, ooooh if you are just getting into Weir read Innocent Traitor it was beyond good. I will never again look at Jane Grey the same way after Weir's portrayal of her.

    Amy, she is something special it is indeed nice to have book lovers out there that you can have a comradely with and share the love of books. It was the last Plaidy in my Queens of England series now i have all of them but it has been mission impossible getting my hands on a copy of Murder Most Royal with the paintings reprint. I need that one and then I have all the Stuarts books.

    Bookventures, I can not wait to attack Chadwick it is such a pretty book too it makes it even more tempting. Thank you the sooner I get to them the better.

    Highheeledhistorian, Thank you very much I am obviously into the pop 80's colors. I am so glad I am not the only one who likes color. I am going to go and check you place out now thank you for sharing.


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