Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Book Review: GEORGETTE HEYER'S REGENCY WORLD by Jennifer Kloester

I know what you are thinking; Lizzy is not the typical non-fiction reader. I must admit this book is the ultimate guide to anything related to Georgette Heyer and the era known as The Regency period. It is a very complicated time period that is one of the most intimidating in my mind is right up there with Eleanor of Aquitaine. During the regency in England there were a large variety of social classes that are very complicated to understand. The most alluring factor of the Regency to readers is that is was a time when manners were most important and Jane Austen broke through to deliver to the masses her eloquent vision of a proper romance.

From the ups and downs of the social latter all the way down to a who’s who of the regency this read has it all. This will satisfy any Regency thirst for knowledge. You might as well call this book the regency lovers dictionary. For a newbie to this period I found the first section “Up and Down the Social Latter” very helpful, it cleared up many of the things I did not understand that were the norms of the time.

The “At home in Town and Country” section was a real treat. Not only did it cover all of the key Regency locations it even covered what the Vauxhall Gardens served for its popular dinner service. In case you were wondering customers had a choice between the best chicken and ham in town, which ever took your fancy. The sections went on farther to a mans world, the gentle sex, on the town, the pleasure haunts of London, the fashionable resorts, getting about, what to wear, shopping, eat drink and be merry, the sporting life, business, military, and finally the most important the who’s who in the regency. The best feature of this book is not just the beautiful pictures that accompany the sections. The fact that each one of Heyer’s books is referenced and tied into locations, events, dresses, and anything else that was relevant in the books.

3/5 I liked it and enjoyed the read but it made me sad to realize how little I knew of this time period and Georgette Heyer’s books. I really need to read more of her books I loved “Arabella”. I would have to recommend this book to the Heyer and regency enthusiast. This would be an excellent wealth of regency knowledge for an aspiring author.

FTC: Publisher sent me this book, thank you Sourcebooks!
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  1. Regency Lovers Dictionary for sure!!! I had no idea just how extensive this period was...I swear I would've needed a reference book just to live back then! Reading this also made me realize just how impeccale Heyer's knowledge of the time was!

    Great review my dear!

  2. I really can't wait to find a copy of this one! I (regrettably) passed on it when I had the chance from Sourcebooks. Everywhere I look it seems to be on back order!

    Great review!

  3. Amy, I know it is amazing that Heyer just knew everything about this era. It is such a complicated time that this book was the only thing that cleared the haze for me. Thank you Amy!

    Robinbird, I just had a feeling that would happen with this one which is why I jumped on it so fast. I will email you about it.

  4. The more I hear about this book, the more I want it. It is the type of "reference" book I love.

  5. Librarypat, it is for sure the Heyer dictionary. I do not even think one aspect of the Regency was skimped over in this book. Regency overload.


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