Saturday, August 07, 2010

Emily Purdy UK New Release, and Brandy Purdy Giveaway Winner

The lovely Brandy Purdy has been hard at work on her up coming release and I do have to say that I am really looking forward to it.  In case you do not know Brandy Purdy has a different pen name for the UK and it is Emily Purdy. Brandy has been kind in sharing her progress with me and I can say that we have news on it. Her new release which will be titled "Mary and Elizabeth" in the UK and "Rivals To The Tudor Throne" in the US finally went up for pre-order on Amazon UK. Mind you there is not much else there yet but I just had to share. It will be releasing June 16th 2011 for the UK and here is the Amazon link Mary and Elizabeth on Amazon UK by Emily Purdy.

Here is a bit from Brandy:
"please assure readers that an American edition will be out around the same time, probably earlier, published by Kensington, the title will be different "Rivals To The Tudor Throne" by Brandy Purdy but they are the same book".

Never fear I promise that Historically Obsessed will be featuring this book and as information develops you can believe I will be posting it. 

Drum roll please....
the winner of the UK edition of The Tudor Wife by Emily Purdy aka The Boleyn Wife by Brandy Purdy is,

critter crazy jen

Thank you Brandy for offering up your lovely book and for sharing all of the details with us about your new release. I look forward to the read. A big congrats to the winner also!

The Boleyn Wife The Confession of Piers Gaveston
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  1. I just figured this out today. I was looking for Emily Purdy's "The Tudor's Wife" and found Brandy Purdy's "The Boelyn Wife." I noticed the same description, word for word.

  2. Jennifer, that was her publishers brilliant idea, which is so confusing. I am glad you figured it out she also has a pen name for UK too Emily Purdy rather than Brandy.


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