Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Face Behind the Words

I figured this has been a long time coming it is time to put a face to the words. Since today is my birthday it was only natural that I made a post that would give my readers a bit more information on me and what kind of person I am.

First thing out of the way for all of you who are wondering I live in Oregon not Ore-gun more like O-r-egon. The reason I say this is no one gets it right unless they are from here. When people think of Oregon I am sure the first thing that comes to mind is the wild west, pioneers on the Oregon trail, Lewis and Clark and trees lots of them. Oregon in itself is a very liberal state that firmly belives in conservation the people in Oregon are very unique unto themselves. We have been called tree hugers, weird and liberal hippies but in realty the thing about Oregonians as we call ourselves is that we love living here and we love our state and we want it to stay beautiful the way it is. Just look below at the picture I snapped off of my moms back deck. How anyone would want to take that away from this lovely earth I will never understand. 

In my life I have had my try at many different things and to be completely honest I am just trying to make my way in this world just like everyone else. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and I am one of those people who believe that family matters most in life. I always put my family first but next in line in my heart are books. As a child I read a lot and remember wanting to spend my grade school recesses inside in the library because that was fun to me. I guess I never really changed in that aspect because my husband had to tell me he was tired of the weekly bookstore trips and library trips. Do not get him wrong he loves to read too and reads more than me and faster than me which I hate but I think if he found more things he would enjoy reading he would constantly have a book in his hand just like me. Life is interesting for me to say the least I have two little monsters that are 6 and 4 and they are the loves of my life alongside my husband. My life would be so boring with out them.

How is it I came this point in my life to be blogging you ask? Well to start with I was always the artistic person in the group but also the person who loved to read. In my younger years I worked hard to broaden my horizons with my art work but as I got older I found I was leaning more towards books. I did go to college for graphic design and website development but I also was working for an art minor at the same time, I went for 4 years and was on the deans list a few times. I loved school and love learning it is one of my favorite things in life. I feel as a human beings we are meant to evolve and sometimes that means mentally. Blogging found me by accident, crazy as it sounds I email Robin Maxwell to gush to her about "Signora Da Vinci" and she emailed me back with a few links and one of them was a blog. I wanted to follow the blog but was not sure how to and accidentally signed up for a blog in the process which was a good thing because I guess some things are meant to happen. So I am here and not going anywhere because now I found people who are like me and now I could never let them go.

Just for fun I posted my birthday astrology since it is Napoleons birthday also it just makes me laugh thinking of him and me being similar.

"Leos born on August 15 have enormous leadership potential. They may seem egotistical but are savvy about their own abilities, and they can size up their accomplishments with objectivity. They see the big picture better than almost anyone and yet can appreciate the value of details.
Leo Information
August 15
You should embrace: Ceremony, fastidiousness, fair play

You should avoid: A prickly personality, rudeness, dominating others
Friends and Lovers
August 15 individuals are devoted to their friends. They frequently pursue several distinct levels of friendship, both social and personal. They are extremely romantic. Scandal has a way of finding them, and their behavior may be called into question on many occasions.
Children and Family
Family matters can be the thorn in the side of August 15 individuals. They are loving, involved parents who may not truly come into their own until they have children.
August 15 people have vigorous good health, which can be undermined only by their own bad habits. If they wish to remain in good shape -- and most August 15 natives do -- they'll eventually find a workout regimen that's appropriate for them.
Career and Finances
These ambitious go-getters have a great desire to make it to the top of the professional ladder but are equally concerned with the methods that may propel them there. They like to live sumptuously and enjoy the respect that comes from earning a good salary.
Dreams and Goals
August 15 individuals have the ability to see beyond the infinite and don't allow themselves to see any impediment to their success. They know that everyone trips up at one time or another, but to them the stumbles are merely incentives to make them try harder". 
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  1. Lizzy, I'm in California but I've visited Oregon and it's such a beautiful place. :) I would love to retire there.

  2. Happy Birthday Lizzy! Hope you have a wonderful day! So glad you are in the book blogging world. =O)

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day doing what you enjoy most....reading!

  4. Happy, Happy birthday! I enjoyed reading your post, and I'm glad you wrote about yourself. Like you said, we get to read your thoughts, but we really don't know the real YOU. I feel now as if I can relate even more!

    Thanks for blogging - you have made a place for those of us who are just like you!

    PS. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I'm right there with you and the LEO thing! :-)

  5. Happy Birthday Lizzy!! I hope you are having a great day - and getting lots of books!

  6. How nice to meet the person behind the blog!

    OH, and happy birthday (again!)

  7. Happy birthday!! I live in northern CA and I love oregon. It is so beautiful I go as often as I can!

  8. Happy birthday. Nice to finally "meet" you.
    The view from your mother's deck is wonderful. I have always loved the mountains and tried to have at least a view of them from our house. I grew up in the Adirondacks, had a view of Pikes Peak from our back yard in Colorado Springs, and now have a view of the Smokies from my house. They really are special environments that need to be treasured and protected.

    You may have stumbled upon signing up for a blog, but it fits you and you seem to be enjoying it. It is nice to find a niche with others with similar interests.

    Reading the horoscope was fun. Seems poor Napoleon didn't pay attention to what he should avoid.

    Hope your day was great. Have a great year.

  9. Hi Lizzy,

    Robin Maxwell here. I had no idea that it was me who steered you towards your first blog experience! At the time of SIGNORA DA VINCI I was such a blog neophyte. Have learned a lot since then, but have always enjoyed your blog, and appreciated the support for my books.

    Happy birthday! And I'm so glad you live in a beautiful place and love your family. And books.

    Many hugs,

  10. Katy, my parents are from Cally and I spent every summer in San Fran as a kid. I love it there too, it is beautiful.

    Michelle, thank you, I am so glad to be here too. I love hearing impute from everyone. It makes the readings so much more fun when you can talk about it with some one else who loves books as much as me.

    Pricilla, ha I think I had a bit too much fun yesterday. I woke up with a hang over and could not even read this morning my head was pounding. That is what I get I had 2 glasses of champagne and I have not had a drop of alcohol in over 2 years. I did have fun so it was well worth it.

    Amy, Happy Happy birthday to you!!!!! I hope you have a fun one too and Leo's rock girl. I figured since I wrote about Napoleon last year this year it was my turn.

    Daphne, how did you know!!! I got lucky this year and everyone gave me book gift cards because no one dared try yo get me a book. I think everyone was afraid I would already have anything they picked out. LOL I am going shopping tonight after it cools down. Oregon is hot today almost 110 degrees out there today.

    Marg, you are hilarious, you beat everyone to it on facebook. I had a good laugh about your comment. Thank you again your awesome.

    Librarypat, my mom lives right by the river valley and it is so beautiful. She even has a pair of mated bald eagles that live nearby and every few years they have a baby. You are right the mountains are precious and need to be respected because I want my childrens children to be able to enjoy what I did in my life time. You would not believe how much of my life was leading up to the blog. There are just little things I have found from my past that it was like I was meant to be into historical fiction. I am just so glad I have people like you to share my thoughts with, it makes it all so much fun. I know maybe if Napoleon had his horoscope done and read it, he might have done things differently.

    Mystica, awhhh thank you!

    Robin, I swear Robin you were like a beacon of light to me. More like a light house that showed me the way to this whole blogging thing. For a long time I was reading and loving my reads but had no one to talk about it with, you opened up a whole new avenue for me that I will forever be eternally grateful. Your my favorite author, my first historical fiction love, and you helped me broaden my horizons. You are the best and thank you for the birthday wishes.

  11. Cool post Liz! And love the picures, you know, if I wasn't married then I would be giving Shanno a run for his money :) hahaha!

    And oh my - I love that view! I'll be showing this pic to Mike to help me convince him that we need to move out there...we would fit in great with the tree-huggers :)

    I for one am SO thankful to Robin Maxwell for turning you on to blogging...I can't imagine a blogosphere without my homegirl in it!

    Wuv ya!

  12. Amy, OMG you always know what to say to make me laugh. By the way it was your blog I wanted to follow when I accidentally signed up for one. I wish you did live here we would never be apart. Thank you Amy I am glad you enjoyed it I was so nervous about it but figure screw it I have nothing to hide. I just went for it.

  13. This is a cute Birthday post! Sorry I missed it and I've been a bad visitor :( I didn't even know about the new Jean Plaidy cover you have on your side bar... that's how behind I am on reading blogs and researching books!

  14. Arleigh, you and me both I am so bad about visiting other blogs lately I just can not find the time. I got lucky when I discovered the Plaidy cover, it found me I know what you mean I need to get to another Plaidy this year. It has been awhile.


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