Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cover Alert, By Royal Decree by Kate Emerson

OMG am so excited! I can not wait for this book to be released I have been on pins and needles waiting. I can say finally we have the final proof of the cover art for "By Royal Decree" which is due to hit bookstores everywhere December 14th 2010 . Is it not to die for? I just love her covers it is how I got hooked into them with the first release of Pleasure Palace. This is what Kathy had to share with us on the upcoming release:

(if you can not read this click the image to go to the larger version) 

From Kathy's site check out her bio on her new leading lady Elizabeth Brooke:

The juiciest bit of info that Kathy had to share was on her work in progress which is now moving from the research into the writing stage. It will be titled "AT THE KING'S PLEASURE" it features Anne Stafford, Lady Hastings (later Countess of Huntingdon) and the four men in her life---her brother, the Duke of Buckingham; her husband, George Hastings; her lover, Sir William Compton (who also appears in THE PLEASURE PALACE); and, of course, Henry VIII.  
"AT THE KING'S PLEASURE (Anne Stafford's story) will cover the period from Anne's marriage to George Hastings in December 1509 through the aftermath of her brother's execution in 1521. This one is probably not going to be out until early 2012".

I beyond thrilled when I received this bit of information from Kathy. The Duke of Buckingham has always been one of my must read about characters eventually. I guess Kate's book will just have to be my first on him. Thank you Kathy for sharing we all appreciate the update and really look forward to the new release of "By Royal Decree".
 Secrets of the Tudor Court: The Pleasure PalaceSecrets of the Tudor Court: Between Two QueensSecrets of the Tudor Court: By Royal Decree
For more on Kathy be sure to check out her sites:

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  1. So, in what order should these books be read? In the order you have the covers above?

  2. The cover is very pretty. I think that is the third version I've seen but I like it the best. :)

  3. I really need to check this series out! Love the new cover!

  4. I've heard great, GREAT things about Secrets of the Tudor Court and I'd love to read these books sometime soon.

    And this cover is just BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. Those both sound fascinating! I'm particularly interested in the Anne Stafford one.

  6. I was glad to see that they kept the pink color of the dress rather than the yellowish color that they had first - this stands out much more and is much prettier!

  7. Almybnernr, yes by the order you see them. A funny thing is that I got hooked into Kate because I got her first one at Target of all places. If you can check out Target I think I saw her books there for real cheep last time I was there. Pleasure Palace is the first and it is AWESOME!

    Robinbird, Kate said it is the final proof so not much more will change on it. I love how she picks a different color for each cover.

    Amy, I love her books they have such a unique feel to them I love that the covers are like a matte paper but the lettering is all embossed. I saw Between Two Queens at the library and had to hold it just because it was so pretty.

    Nikola, you would love them each one focuses on a character that is not exactly the typical Tudor court main characters. Kate's approach is different and she chooses not so much touched on main characters. I love her because I have read almost every Tudor story back ward and forward and I am kind of burnt out on it but Kate always give a refreshing view that makes the Tudor court completely new for me again.

  8. Gorgeous cover! I know some authors/readers hate the headless/head mangled cover model but I actually don't mind covers like that. I'm totally unfamiliar with this series -- but now something else goes on my TBR! ;)

  9. It's funny that you say that about the covers because that is exactly why I bought Pleasure Palace - the cover caught my eye at the bookstore and I had to have it. I also have Between Two Queens and will definitely be buying this next one. I just need to find time to read them!

    Thanks for sharing the cover - now I have something to look forward to buying in December (with birthday money!!!).

  10. Am definitely interested! I'll look out for these books and give them a shot.

  11. Audra, I have accepted the headless women and I actually like it now. I think it leaves more to the imagination of how you picture her to look. You HAVE to check them out they are full of intrigue and fun to read.

    Kristin, I swear it once you open it and get going on a few pages you wont be able to put it down. YAY I love birthday book money it is so much fun.

    Bookventures, it is a worthy try I was not sure about the first one because others thought it was "fluffy". I figure I like fluff and it works for me so I am running with it.

  12. She has been blessed with gorgeous covers. They seem to fit the stories well.

  13. Love the cover but not sure I can read about the Tudors...again. I'll wait for your review chicka!

  14. Librarypat, you are so right they do fit well with the stories.

    Jenny Girl, I know what you mean I am so burnt out on them but Emerson has such a different spin on it each time that it always is interesting to see how she will play things out.


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