Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sundays Art: Elizabeth Woodville and Richard, Duke of York

Richard, Duke of York, Taking leave of his Mother, Elizabeth Woodville, in the Sanctuary, Westminster by Giovanni Battista Ciaprini (1727–1785)

I just had to put this up since the I have got the giveaway going on for "The White Queen" by Philippa Gregory. I am very interested to see how Philippa takes on the Princes in Tower. The Princes in the Tower is one of histories greatest mysteries. But, I will get more into that later, stay tuned for more.


  1. I know so little about the princes in the tower, I will have to look up something about them.

  2. That's one I've never seen. I'd recommend staying away from the Q&A with PG on the Amazon page and her new website. She's dropped a huge spoiler on her take on the princes.

  3. This is one of my favorite topics, as it is what drew me to the Wars of The Roses stories in the first place.
    I recommend Alison Weir's 2 books on these, and then I am going to read David Baldwin's new book also .. someday...

  4. I still if you can believe this have not read anything by Weir but I do want to. I really enjoyed Robin Maxwell's To The Tower Born that book is what started the whole obsession for me. I still think about it. I loved Elizabeth of York in it.

    Thanks for the heads up Misfitandmom, I always stay clear of reviews and anything else to do with a novel until I read and write my own review. That way I stay with my individuality. I love to read others reviews after I have written mine. It is nice to see the different view points of others.


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