Monday, August 31, 2009

Mailbox Mondays

I figured I should jump on the Mailbox Mondays band wagon. I have never done one before but I find I am in need to do so now that the books have started to roll in. I am going to add a few that I recently got in the mail that I have not mentioned before. To catch up here they are,

"Receive me Falling" by Erika Robuck, "Fortunes of War" by Gordon Zuckerman and "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen

Update: Just got the mail and 2 more books showed up. One for the giveaway that I am hosting, but more on that later. Also received Leslie Carroll's "Royal Affairs", which I am really excited to read. I just can not resist a juicy affair. Thank you Leslie!

Did anyone else get any good books this week?


  1. I hope you are enjoying P&P =)
    I have seen that Zuckerman title also, and I do have the Receive me Falling to also review.
    I hope I Get to that soon.
    I am so far far far behind.

  2. Me too, I am far behind on those and on my TBR pile, ugh!

  3. Welcome to the Mailbox Monday world! I love anticipating what is going to come in each day - I was excited because I saw 2 packages in there today, but unfortunately one was for my boyfriend, sigh.

  4. I hate that!

    Fortunes does sound good I just have it on the back burner. I am sitting with seven book on my desk, whew. I do love a good war book every now and then.


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