Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Muse Rating System

Hello everyone hope you all are having a wonderful day. I recently discovered a new blog and I had to share. Allie from Hist-Fic Chick has devised a really cool rating system for her book reviews which I love. She has a rating of the six wives of Henry VIII, instead of stars she uses the wives. I think her idea is really unique and a very smart . Check her page out she has just posted a review for Leonardo's Swans by Karen Essex. Thank you, Allie for inspiring me to come up with my own idea for a rating system.

In the past I have not been doing a rating and since Allie has such good taste I am going to follow her lead. I came up with my own system. Now known as The Muse Rating System. I used the muses: Urania, Terpsichore, Clio, Thalia, and Calliope.

Five muses: I loved it and could not leave it alone. A furious page turner and a new favorite.

Four muses: It was a great and enjoyable read but not quite a furious page turner. Highly Recommended.

Three muses: It was a lacking read. Worth reading for more background. Medially recommended.

Two muses: It was not a good read bland and not recommended.

One muse: If it is worthy of a one it is bad and I will not finish it. Not worth the trouble.


  1. I have just been using stars for mine right now, but I have been thinking of trying to come up with my own idea - awesome idea tho!

  2. I love it, now if I can figure out someway to incorporate my infamous wall bangers into this....

  3. Sooo AWESOME...I love your muses they are so pretty! I just sent you an e-mail :)

  4. I had to do it, I had no system established. Thanks all I can not wait to see what system you all come up with.

  5. My system is pretty simple.. 1 - 5 stars etc.
    When I get creative I might think of something different then the norm.. I like your graphics, very cool!

  6. I did one review and used stars but then I saw Allie's and I had to go for it! Thanks Marie for swinging by and the emails.

  7. Great job on your rating system! Creative and so pretty!

  8. Thank you it took me awhile just to come up with an idea of what to use for ratings. I think it fits my style.


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