Thursday, August 27, 2009

HF Gentlemen Award, Men only this Time

I felt it only fitting that since I did a H.F. Lovely Ladies award that I did something for the gentlemen and of course anyone may pass this award onto any deserving gentleman.

This award for the gentlemen is for all the men out there that love historical fiction. Be it novels, historical events, fine art, or historical locations. They play a active role in their community hosting events and letting us all know events that they are not hosting. Being super blogger's who constantly are viewing and commenting on other sites with positive feedback. Their blogs or websites also have unique qualities like being savvy and having excellent content. The "super men" blogger's of historical fiction. The list is as follows and not in any particular order:
  • Nikola from Nikola's Book Blog: Since I lured him in with the white queen contest Nikola has been a constant positive here. Always commenting on everything with wonderful insight.
  • Dave Hambidge from Hambo Central: Dave gave me my first review on blog catalog, then he later added me to a directory he made "Tips for Blogger's". I also admire him for putting a e book together of the story of his father in law called Len's War.
  • Forrest from Actual Education: Where to start, his site is amazing to the point I am jealous of where he gets to stand. Not to mention he made Mary Queen of Scot talk, I literally screamed in my chair when he sent it to me. I love it.


  1. Aw, shucks, I'm really touched by this, thankyou so very much.

    I have watched your blog grow into a real quality goodie and I am delighted for you that others have felt the same.

    All I can say is KUTGW.

  2. heehee what a gorgeous idea! go history boys!

  3. Dave you are more than welcome, you have been a great support and Thank you.

    Aimee, I know right go HF boys! They rock!

  4. Aww thanks Lizzy!
    Thanks to you I'm quite getting into this 'blog' thing - not so much the writing part but more the community side of things. Great to meet people from around the world with shared interests.
    Big thanks!

  5. I knew you would love the blog community, there really are some great people in here that are very friendly and knowledgeable. I am glad you like it.

  6. Congrats, elpresgod Dave.

    Well done. Nice to see you working in a respectable venue.


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