Monday, August 17, 2009

The Martyr, Mary Queen of Scots

"The Martyr, Mary Queen of Scots"
I really did not expect this one to turn out so dark and sinister but maybe that is the vibe I get off of Mary. At least for now maybe Carolly Erickson can change my mind with her upcoming release.

I just had Mary on my mind I could not leave her alone. What mad it even worse was Lucy found this really cool blog where a lady paints faces with watercolor crayons. I just could not resist and this is what I came up with first. Maybe Allie wont see any more Mary's from now.

I generally do not feel Mary is the typically martyr for the fact that she was far from saintly. To be a queen and to be condemned to die by your own cousin that is a hard core way to die.


  1. I love this!! You have her down--she is the perfect little devious seductress...

  2. I am glad you love it, I did it for you! I think though her left eye is off from the right and i am going to have to fix it or I wont be able to leave it alone. She definatly turned out a devious seductress! He he LOL

  3. Your art is AMAZING!!! SERIOUSLY!! Wow.

  4. I just found my courage to do historical people because of comments like you Lisa. Thank you!


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