Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer Release: The Borgias by Jean Plaidy

I happened to come across this on in my web browsing and I am super excited to see what the cover will look like. It says on Amazon that it is two novels combined into one which can only refer to Light on Lucrezia: A Novel of the Borgias and Madonna of the Seven Hills: A Novel of the Borgias. Both are books that I have been dying to get at but have not had the chance to read yet.

Here is the Amazon link to it but there is no cover art yet: The Borgias: Two Novels in One Volume

Madonna of the Seven Hills: A Novel of the Borgias"The most beautiful woman in Rome, Lucrezia Borgia, was born into a family—and a destiny—she could not hope to escape . . .
Fifteenth-century Rome: The Borgia family is on the rise. Lucrezia’s father, Pope Alexander VI, places his illegitimate daughter and her only brothers, Cesare, Giovanni, and Goffredo, in the jeweled splendor—and scandal—of his court. From the Pope’s affairs with adolescent girls to Cesare’s dangerous jealousy of anyone who inspires Lucrezia’s affections to the ominous birth of a child conceived in secret, no Borgia can elude infamy.

Young Lucrezia gradually accepts her fate as she comes to terms with the delicate nature of her relationships with her father and brothers. The unbreakable bond she shares with them both exhilarates and terrifies her as her innocence begins to fade. Soon she will understand that her family’s love pales next to their quest for power and that she herself is the greatest tool in their political arsenal.

From the inimitable pen of Jean Plaidy, this family’s epic legend is replete
with passion, intrigue, and murder—and it’s only the beginning".

Light on Lucrezia: A Novel of the Borgias
"Some said she was an elegant seductress. Others swore she was an incestuous murderess. It didn’t matter what they called her. She was the most dangerous and sought-after woman in all of Rome. She was Lucrezia Borgia.

Born into Rome’s notorious Borgia family, young Lucrezia led a life colored by violence and betrayal. Now, married for the second time at just eighteen, she hopes for happiness with her handsome husband, Alfonso. But faced with brutal murder, she’s soon torn between her love for her husband and her devotion to her brother Cesare . . . And in the days when the Borgias ruled Italy, no one was safe from the long arm of their power. Even Lucrezia.

In this compelling story of a beautiful woman caught up in a tortuous web of fear and love, Jean Plaidy sheds light on the much maligned Lucrezia and vividly brings her to life".

Light on Lucrezia: A Novel of the Borgias
Madonna of the Seven Hills: A Novel of the Borgias
For a Queen's Love: The Stories of the Royal Wives of Philip II (A Novel of the Tudors)
Katharine of Aragon: The Wives of Henry VIII
The Queen's Secret: A Novel (A Queens of England Novel)


  1. I can feel your excitement!

    We are both reading the same book!

  2. What absolutely scrumptious covers!

  3. Patty, LOL it is really good I have never read one by Anne Easter Smith but shockingly i own like 3 of her other books. I am going to work out and sit all day today and plow through it.

    Mystica, I love the covers and I can not wait to see what they will put on the combo novel. I bet it will be pretty no matter what.


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