Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Movie Release: The Princess of Montpensier English Subtitles?

Released on April 15th 2011 "The Princess of Montpensier". I heard that this is to be a limited release in the US and that it more than likely is in subtitles. But I think it will be more than worth it once it hits DVD so then I can buy it watch it all the time. I want to watch this one so bad the Princess of Montpensier  is very very pretty no wonder they are all fighting over her.
"La princesse de Montpensier (original title)
Bertrand Tavernier is in top form with this gripping, superbly mounted drama set against the savage Catholic/Protestant wars that ripped France apart in the 16th century. Based on a novella by the celebrated Madame de Lafayette, the action centers on the love of Marie de Mezières for her dashing cousin Henri de Guise, thwarted when her father's political ambitions force her into marriage with the well-connected Philippe de Montpensier, who she has never met. When Philippe is called away to fight, she is left in the care of Count Chabannes, an aging nobleman with a disdain for warfare, and soon becomes exposed to the sexual and political intrigues of court". Written by Palm Springs Internation Film Festival


  1. This looks fantastic! I'll definitely be getting the DVD or stream it from Netflix if they have it:)

  2. Ladies, you all are so right I want this one so bad I can almost taste it. I can not find any info on if or when it will go to DVD but when I do I promise I will post the info asap. Is she not gorgeous or what by far one of the prettiest actresses I have seen in a long time.

  3. I really enjoyed this movie, even if I was expecting a little bit more from Mélanie Thierry. The photography and costumes are amazing! I truly hope you'll be able to watch it very soon.:)

  4. Yes, let us know I would like to get this also. It looks great!

  5. Alex you are so lucky, I hope so soon.

    Mari, of course I am watching this one like a hawk because I must have it.


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