Monday, April 26, 2010

Mailbox Mondays

Another lovely Monday, not really but hey what are you going to do you have to start somewhere. For this past week only two books showed up in my mailbox and one of them is for the Plaidy obsession from Amazon and the other just showed up from publisher. I am glad it did show up I have had it on my wish list ever since I had gotten wind of it. 

Loyal In Love by Jean Plaidy 
Loyal in Love: Henrietta Maria, Wife of Charles I (A Queens of England Novel)"The daughter of Henry IV of France, Princess Henrietta Maria, becomes a pawn in a political strategy to stabilize relations between two countries when her father marries her to Charles I of England. Sent abroad, she finds herself living in a Protestant country that views her own faith—Catholicism—with deep suspicion.

Yet her new husband is a man of principle and integrity, and Henrietta and Charles fall deeply in love. Henrietta is passionate about her faith, however, and soon politically powerful people, namely Oliver Cromwell and his Puritans, turn her loyalty to her religion into a focal point for civil war. As the royal couple watch the fall of Thomas Wentworth, first Earl of Strafford, the rise of Puritanism, and Englishmen fight Englishmen, they are undeterred in their dedication to each other and in their belief in the divine rights of king and queen—even as spies lurk in their very own household.

Loyal in Love offers an inside look at an unforgettable time in England’s history and at the life of a queen whose story of devotion and bravery has gone untold for too long". 

Eleanor the Queen: A Novel of Eleanor of AquitaineEleanor The Queen by Norah Lofts 
"Eleanor of Aquitaine rules as a modern heroine in the twelfth century, in this beloved classic of royal fiction from renowned author Norah Lofts.
At a time when a woman’s value was measured solely by her wealth and the number of sons she bore, Eleanor was the high-spirited, stubborn, and intelligent heiress to the vast duchy of Aquitaine.
Her leadership inspired the loyalty of her people, but she was continually doubted and silenced by the men who ruled beside her—the less wise but far more powerful men of the church and court who were unwilling to lose power to a woman, regardless of her rank or ability.
Through marriages to two kings, two Crusades, and the births of ten children— including the future King Richard the Lionhearted—Eleanor solidified her place in history. In Eleanor the Queen, Norah Lofts brings to life a brave and complex woman who was centuries ahead of her time".

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  1. As you know, I've also received the Eleanor book. I hope you get to read it soon, I won't for a little while at LEAST.. but you really do need to get some more Eleanor in! and yes Penman is still tops!

  2. Great books you got there Liz! Another one here to get the Lofts book, which I am very excited to read. I hope you enjoy Loyal in Love!

  3. For heaven's sakes -- I'm also reading about Eleanor of Aquitaine but not this one -- I'm reading (well, I'm done!) "Power of a Woman" by Robert Fripp -- just marvelous and what an interesting, fascinating woman. It's written as her memoirs, as dictated to her young secretary. So while she dictates, she's essentially re-living those turbulent times. I'll take a look at the Norah Lofts book and highly recommend the Fripp book to all of you.

  4. Marie, I agree MUST get more Eleanor in.

    Jo-Jo thank you and long time no see, I hope all has been well on your end. I hope I enjoy the new books I will just have to wait and see.

    Amy, I can not wait to read Loyal in Love especially after read The Loves of Charles II. I feel I must know more about this ruthless woman who disowned her own son over religion.

    Liz, I will have to check that one out on Amazon and thank you for the heads up on it. I have not heard of it.

  5. Liz, I've read both of these books and I think you'll love them.

  6. Christine, I was thinking about you the other day I hope things are going well in your neck of the woods. See now I know for sure I will love them. I read on the web that in Loyal in Love Catherine De Medici's daughter is briefly in it and "hints at her unusual character". I am dying to find out what that is suppose to mean.


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