Thursday, April 08, 2010

Kate Emerson, It Just Gets Better and Better and The Boleyn Wife Winner

Kate Emerson is a unique author and I am highly anticipating her upcoming release "By Royal Decree". Kate was kind enough to give some follow up information on some questions on the PDF release of Tudor Women.

"As for Susan Higginbotham's question; will there be a hard copy version"?

The short answer is no, there won't be a print edition. Just as the 1984 book gradually became outdated over 25 years, so this new version is doomed to need updating as newer or more accurate (or sometimes just different) information comes my way. Scholars often disagree on the "facts" so I try to include conflicting interpretations when I find them, or refer readers to the books or articles in question so they can see for themselves. I'll be adding new entries and listing corrections to old ones on the Kate Emerson web pages. In fact, I've already added, some new entries there---women I came across just this month in my research for the next SECRETS OF THE TUDOR COURT book (the one after BY ROYAL DECREE). 

At some point, depending on how many women I add and how many updates I make to the 622 entries in the e-book, I may have to consider either a revised e-book edition or and e-appendix containing the new information. I'm still undecided about how best to do that, but it won't be an issue for at least a year and in the meantime people who buy the e-book of A WHO'S WHO OF TUDOR WOMEN can easily find the new information at

The thing is, I never know when I'm going to stumble across a new tidbit on one of my ladies---sometimes just a footnote in a book on some completely different topic. And every once in a while I find an entire article or a chapter in a book with information I hadn't come across before. There is no "end" on this project. I consider it my ongoing hobby".

Here is what Kate had to say on Her upcoming release "By Royal Decree"; 

"BY ROYAL DECREE has elements of romance and political intrigue but is primarily a fictionalized biography of a real person. At least that's how I look at it. I invent what I think might have happened to fill in the gaps, but I don't change anything that is known to be true about my heroines. And there's an amazing amount that is know, once you start digging".
Amazon also happened to update the info on it too;

"Emerson returns to the Tudor Court in By Royal Decree, where engaged lady-in-waiting Bess must resist  handsome and similarly unavailable Will Parr". 

Giveaway Winner! 

Also today Congratulations to Pricilla who won the draw for a copy of "The Boleyn Wife" by Brandy Purdy. I hope you enjoy the read.  

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  1. Thank you. I am a very happy goat today!

  2. I am thrilled about Kate Emerson's new novel. I am currently devouring The Pleasure Palace and I am loving it. I need to get on the ball and catch up! Thank you for posting this, Lizzy...

  3. Congrats again, and I am happy to see that Pricilla is happy about it too.

    Christy, Long time no see. I loved Pleasure Palace but Between Two Queens is right up there too. Both are really wonderful books. I know I will enjoy the next one just as much as the others.

  4. Congratulations, Pricilla. Enjoy.

  5. As much as I like print books, it makes more sense to have something like THE WHO'S WHO OF TUDOR WOMEN as an e-book. As a reference it should be updated as soon as new information bedome available.

  6. I am eagerly awaiting Kate's new book! I am sure it will definitely be worth the wait :)

  7. LibraryPat, I love print books and I am not too big of a fan of E-books but this one it is an exception for me. It makes sense that if you have to constantly add to it the it should be a format that is easy to update.

    Muse, I can not wait to see the cover art. All of her covers are so pretty I imagine the new one being just as pretty. I love that they have embossed lettering it is the little touches that make it so pretty. I too have been eagerly awaiting the next one.


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