Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Burton Review: Tudor Reading Challange and HFBRT April Event Claude and Camille by Stephanie Cowell

This is so cool Marie from The Burton Review is stepping up her game and is hosting a Tudor Reading Challenge. Here is what Marie had to say about it:

 "With April just around the corner, you may have some books in your piles that you need to read for the month, which is why I am telling you in advance of the challenge as you prepare your summer reading schedules.
Do you have any Tudor-themed reads in your pile? If so, then join the Tudor Mania Challenge at The Burton Review. I would love to have you there!
Those who are lucky enough to not have piles of books can get started on the challenge and prep their reviews right away. The trick is that reviews need to be posted in the months of May, June and July.
Mark your calendars!
Spread the word to your follow readers, bloggers and Tudor lovers! We have a month to help spread the word, and tweet about it using this shortened link http://bit.ly/TudorMania
Prizes WILL be AWARDED at the end of the Tudor Mania Challenge!
There is no limit to the amount that you read! You will be linking to your reviews on my blog and this will help promote your reviews in the process, it's a win-win"!

I am all in for this one if I can get past the other on my desk. I am sure I will be itching for  a Tudor one at least by the time these are done.  Especially some new Jean Plaidy's I ordered hum.... "The Queen's Favorite".


Cool Marie Thank you and I am off to post my link to the challenge. This is perfect for so many of you out there you just have to go and check it out.

 “Sometimes he dreamt he held her; that he would turn in bed and she would be there. But she was gone and he was old. Nearly seventy. Only cool paint met his fingers. “Ma très chère . . .” Darkness started to fall, dimming the paintings. He felt the crumpled letter in his pocket. “I loved you so,” he said. “I never would have had it turn out as it did. You were with all of us when we began, you gave us courage. These gardens at Giverny are for you but I’m old and you’re forever young and will never see them. . . "
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  1. Thanks for posting Lizzy =)
    I am looking forward to seeing what everyone will be reading for the Challenge!

  2. I'll be joining Marie's challenge as well. I'm reading a Tudor book right now, The Sisters Who Would Be Queen and it's really great!

    And YIPPEE for the kickoff of the Claude & Camille event! It's going to be a FUN week!

  3. Gosh - this sounds a lot of fun. i am looking forward to reading reviews as the turdors and their goings on were my first historical love.

    thanks indeed for sharing


  4. "Sometimes he dreamt he held her; that he would turn in bed and she would be there......." Touching and heartbreaking. This sounds like it will be a truly wonderful book. I look forward to reading it.

    My TBR pile is so big I don't even want to think about digging through it. I'm not doing any challenges this year. When I get organized, I'll try. (Like that will ever happen)

  5. Hello everyone sorry I have been MIA I have been super busy with the family and other things lately.

    Marie you are more than welcomed and a very cool idea. I am hoping to get in some Plaidy.

    Amy, I want to read that one too! I know I am loving Claude and Camille.

    Hannah, I love Tudors just got a it burned out for a bit but now I am ready to go back.

    Librarypat, I really can say this so far that it is so so romantic. You will enjoy it I really have.

    I know the feeling I cringe when I think of mine. CRINGE, really.


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