Saturday, April 10, 2010

Book Review Journal Update

Finally I got it together and here is my Book  Review Journal's cover. I made it with scrap booking paper and some decals I have collected over the years. I find that I like the new cover I gave it so much that I want to leave it laying around more so I can see it. That way it acts like a reminder saying "hey over here...what was it you though when reading that last book"?

My latest addition to the Book Review Challange which is hosted by Roberta and she is hosting an ART JOURNAL for reading and reviews challange!! She calls it: THE BOOK REVIEW JOURNAL, To read more on this- and if you’re interested in joining, please visit Roberta at Con-tain-it. Art Reviewing Journal Challenge 

Eleanor of Aquitaine
Eleanor was made with water color pencils and ink pens. I did the first version of her in the Review Journal and then repeated it on watercolor paper.
You can guess which novel this one came from hum...."The Greatest Knight", what a shock. That was such a good read.
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  1. I love the colors you used to create this picture... especially the hair!

    Here is an award for you :)

    Have a great week Lizzy!

  2. Love all of your creations! Well done!!

  3. We won't get into my artistic ability. When I took art in college, the professor said my work was almost as good as a first graders. Unfortunately, it hasn't improved any over the years.
    Nice work.

  4. How did you bind the book? It is a wonderful design :)

  5. I love it Liz! She's got great lips, just like I picture Eleanor having! Good luck in the challenge...I think I'll pass...I can't even draw a good looking stick man ;-)

  6. Awh thank you muse I have it pulled up in another tab. Hair is always the best part for me.

    Marie, thank you!!!!

    Librarypat, you are too funny, my five year old gets mad when I draw because she wants to be as good as me and I have to reminder her it took years of practice to get that good.

    Muse, Let me clarify I bought a cheep sketch book and then glue sticked the front cover then laid down the scrap book paper and then trimmed some of the excess, leaving enough for it to fold over the edges into the inside cover. Then fold the left over excess over on the inside of the cover. Then I glued another piece on the inside to cover up where the folded over edges did not cover (on the inside).

    Amy, how did you know the lips and hair were the big parts for me that I felt were most important for Eleanor. I think I should have done her hair darker but I had Isabelle Marshall on the brain with her huge blond braids.


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